Facing 100 years of Imprisonment



Yes you read this correctly, Barrett Brown is facing 100 YEARS in prison for sharing a link, hiding his laptop, and expressing his First Amendment right to free speech. Is this right? Is this JUSTICE?  I think not….the Government is clearly afraid of those of who share information and knowledge. Be afraid, Be very afraid……we are NOT Terrorists!!!


6 thoughts on “Facing 100 years of Imprisonment

  1. there is no deceiving here. I know BB. OpZeta makes him a terrorist? YOU are mistaken-grossly mistaken. Your ‘knowledge’ shows just how MSM works. BB was on to something very BIG that the feds obviously didnt want the public or media to know about. Nothing about BB is even remotely terrorist related-nothing. We all know that freedom isnt free and speech is censored or muted all together.


  2. It isn’t just that simple. I intensely dislike it when people deceive through understatement. He’s faced down drug cartels by threatening to release information on them – he’s a terrorist in his own right in his own way. I’m an attorney and I don’t like violation of the law by the government or by individuals who feel entitled. Freedom of speech has never been limitless – ever.


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