30 Years Later, Private Prisons Have a Future to Secure


1x1.trans 30 Years Later, Private Prisons Have a Future to Secure

The thirty year anniversary of the founding of the Corrections Corporation of America marks an all-time high for the for-profit prison industry. An increase of immigration- and drug-related arrests have contributed to the growth of the CCA in recent years. But according to their latest 10-K, an annual performance report provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission, their profitability is threatened by many factors:

“Legislation has been proposed in numerous jurisdictions that could lower minimum sentences for some non-violent crimes and make more inmates eligible for early release based on good behavior. Also, sentencing alternatives under consideration could put some offenders on probation with electronic monitoring who would otherwise be incarcerated. Similarly, reductions in crime rates or resources dedicated to prevent and enforce crime could lead to reductions in arrests, convictions and sentences requiring incarceration at correctional facilities.”

The CCA speaks just as candidly about areas in which to capitalize. In a presentation to investors last year, the CCA attributes current economic factors in creating a “unique investment opportunity.” Increases in law enforcement and funding (due to recovery from the recession), high rates of recidivism (repeated imprisonment), and acquisition of government-owned correctional facilities are all cited as reasons for anticipated growth.

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2 thoughts on “30 Years Later, Private Prisons Have a Future to Secure

  1. If you are poor in this country, regardless, of your race, law enforcement will treat you worse than a wild animal. Don’t believe for one minute, non-violent inmates are spending less time in jails/prisons. If anything, they are spending more time. Inmates are sent hours away from their families. Inmates have to pay for being in jail,and must pay $5.00 to $10.00, or more ,to make a phone call. Private jails are the worse. Pray to ‘GOD’ all private jails are closed.


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