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Here’s the story. A train had pulled into the station in a Brooklyn, N.Y.  subway in late January,  and the usual throng of waiting passengers pushed and jostled to get on board. A 55-year-old man, was one such passenger, as were two teenage girls. Apparently, one or both of the girls pushed past the 55 year-old, in a somewhat violent manner. Enough so anyway, that when Charles Bunn finally got on board, he mentioned to the two girls that they could have at least said, excuse me.

According to Bunn,  the two girls jumped up from their seats and began screaming at him. He stood up to respond, and the screaming broke into a melee.

A cellphone video shows the two girls tag-teaming Bunn with a flurry of punches. Bunn, a parolee, was in the duck and cover position, unwilling to punch the girls back…

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  1. needs to be heard, especially the 2nd Amendment. The general public doesnt seem to really understand “Parole” status. Im very happy to hear this guy didnt get sent back on a violation. In many states, that very well could have happened-no matter the circumstances ( ie…California).


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