Land of the Free??

land of the free

4 thoughts on “Land of the Free??

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    Unbelievable! And America is only becoming worse with prison populations. If you don’t think there is another agenda going on…think twice and do your research. Please! For the sake of future generations!


  2. Yes, we need to revamp the incarceration regime we now have, for all the reasons noted on this website …. but the solution is not sweetness, either …. it is judicial corporal punishment in lieu of incarceration, tough love. The Criminal Law Bulletin has already accepted for publication my article entitled “Prison Overcrowding Cure: The Constitutionality & Effectiveness of Judicial Corporal Punishment Compared to Massive Incarceration.” If you want to check this out in advance, you can Google my name on the internet or read my book, “Prison & Slavery – A Surprising Comparison.” Facts are stubborn things, just like the 200-year failed experiment of incarceration.


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