AB423 Pulled!!!!-Torres receives Torrent of Opposition Pulls Bill

This just in from our friends at Friends Committee on Legislation California:

We learned this morning that California AB 423, the terrible restitution bill, has been pulled by the author.  Of course, authors
usually ask for reconsideration and it is usually granted although that is a formality and the bill should not go anywhere
this year.  However, since this is year 1 of the new two year legislative session, the author can make it a two year bill and
bring it back in January, 2014, so letters are still important and should be sent even though the bill has been pulled from
Assembly Public Safety for now.

6 thoughts on “AB423 Pulled!!!!-Torres receives Torrent of Opposition Pulls Bill

  1. I’m so glad Ca. AB43 bill has been pulled. I have concerns about CA prop. 36 that passed on last years ballot..when can we start seeing our loved one ‘s who are incarcerated, be released and what does it take ? do family members foot the bill for attorneys? I have been searching for answers and I hope you can help me/help us?



  2. BILL NUMBER: AB 423 – This bill would require the Secretary of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Director of the Division of Juvenile Justice, and would authorize the collecting agency of a county, to deduct either the balance owing on a restitution fine or order or 80% of the trust account or wages of a prisoner or ward, whichever is less, unless prohibited by federal law. The bill would expand these provisions to apply to a prisoner who is punished by imprisonment in any county correctional facility, and would delete the exemption for funds for the purchase of food from the institution canteen for unsupervised overnight visits. The bill would also authorizes the Director of Juvenile Justice to expend the portion of a ward’s trust funds that exceed $100 pursuant to a lawful order of a court directing payment of the funds.

    Rep. Torres is an evil man to further suppress inmates who currently are paying 50%. He has no sympathy for inmates whatsoever – people who are working like dogs for much less than minimum wage! People with poor families who struggle to send them money for their canteen. God, look at Rep. Torres! He has withdrawn his mean bill, but look in his heart, Lord, and see if he really repented. We know that You said such as we do unto the least of these, Your brethren, we do unto You. See how Rep. Torres dreams of ways to suppress You through Your brethren behind bars, Lord. Change his heart, in Jesus’ name. Karma may help Rep. Torres and other legislators learn to empathize with oppressed people who have challenges and to love even the unlovely. Amen.


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