Mule Creek State Prison: Abuse, Neglect, Cover ups & MURDER….

The state of California, Governor Brown and CDCr can no longer deny what is truly going on inside its 33 prisons.  While they play their “human chess game”  ( read…Re Alignment) at the expense of the taxpayers, and public safety- the fact remains that prisoners are STILL dying and lacking adequate medical care. Realignment has been proven to have no lasting affect on the serious over crowding.

Women prisoners have been forced into one facility, where severe overcrowding is rampant. The women have been begging for tampons, and media attention. Yet Governor Brown screams he wants the Feds out, no more federal oversight. Here is an email I just received detailing years of abuse at Mule Creek State Prison.

While guards are raking huge salaries and great benefits walking the “toughest beat in the state,” people are losing their lives due to indifference, a lack of  morals, job responsibility and accountability. Do you really think CDCr deserves to be without Federal Oversight? Read this and then answer….

Hi Carol,
Sorry it took me a minute to get back to you…  I decided to get my facts straight on what I am going to share with you.
First, I want to share this with you about a man named Ty Lopes who died while custody at Mule Creek prison in 2011, I have been following this story since it happened and sources close to me  have stated the same thing over and over.  On the eve of  Ty Lopes murder by he cell mate  witnesses remember hearing and seeing what happened.  The cell mate went to the C/O to complain, he wanted Ty out of his cell or he would kill him, he repeated over and over, the C/O  told him to get out of  his site and return to the cell.  The Cell mate complied and returned to his cell; when went back he began to threaten Ty Lopes, by telling him over and over he was going to kill him if he didn’t get the C/O  to move him that day.  The cellmate was enraged beyond belief, many people surrounding the area heard it and Ty was nervous.
Ty Lopes spent most of the morning trying to get the on duty C/O  to move him.  The C/O  told Lopes, no he would not move him and to deal with it, Ty begged the C/O  and the C/O  told Ty Lopes “I need to go to lunch” and sent him back to the cell.  The guard never reported this to another C/O or to his next in charge.  But by the time staff checked on Ty Lopes and his cellmate again, there was blood all over the floor, matter a fact it was coming out from underneath the door according to eye witness accounts.  Eye witness accounts state that a broom handle was used to sodomize Ty Lopes, he was dead, strangled and sodomized.  During the altercation of the two men, Ty Lopes was heard for several hours screaming and begging for someone to come to his rescue, guards did nothing. When he was found it was to late.
It is clear that there is a problem here, but there was never any mention about this to the media.  It is clear that the guards did nothing to prevent a murder, it is clear that guards at Mule Creek did not apply safety and security for the prison during this moment, if anything they over looked a murder in the making.  But we all know the guards will be covering for each other on this one, which they have.  This instance clearly reminds me of the gladiator mentality  of other prisons in past years.  So many have been hurt or killed because the guards find amusement in watching or making this happen.  Guards with child like mentally of pranks gone bad… Playing or Bullying mentality of the weaker person…
These are just the publicized ones below:  But in this last month there has been at least 5 or more incidents of stabbing and numerous violent out burst leaving many unpublicized, with guards doing nothing to stop the out breaks that many men are facing at Mule Creek today.  Fighting has been going on and off at Mule Creek for years, stabbings have occurred at least 7 I can recall, with several fatal ones that have placed the prison on lockdown none of which made it to the media.

 9/3/09  David Noles age 73, supposedly found dead 4:05 pm Sunday strangulation by his cell mate.

 August of 2009 John Linley Frazier age 62, found hanging in cell so called suicide.
In 7/30/2007  Robert Bardo, 37 was stabbed 11 times by inmates;  guards did not do anything after bringing  him back from the ER -they released  him to the general population again…  He ended up in another fight the next day…
It is very sad that instead of helping these men to over come conflict, they continue to breed retaliator  behavior within the institution placing some men there in bad situations where they are forced to defend themselves or be killed.  Even at the hand of the guards who continuously cover up to defend the murderous rampages they promote.  In my personal view, it will become again a way to murder lifers and LWOP rather than them dying of natural causes.  I see the writing on the wall, it is coming!
The lies and cover ups are endless….
Mule Creek locked down the prison when these incidents broke out through the day and a 6th incident that evening, last Wednesday13th through Friday 22nd -there were no phone calls to loved ones.  The incident on the yards are continuing, thanks to guards promoting it, even today 4/2/2013 guards intercepted a letter from an inmate who wanted to turn evidence of the drug operation at Mule Creek and guards shared with serveral well known prisoners showing that this inmate being held in AD Seg  is turning evidence over to the authorities in exchange for a reduced sentence since he him-self was just found with drugs in his possession; he was doing it to reduce the time he will have added to his stay…  You know what will be next if he is released from AD Seg…
Mule Creek C/o’s have a long history of cover up, Lies and twisted stories and even with the mentally ill and treating sick prisioners. 
As I learn more I will try to share with you….

4 thoughts on “Mule Creek State Prison: Abuse, Neglect, Cover ups & MURDER….

  1. I spent 21 years in prison and M.C.S.P. was one of them. I am glad you are doing what you are doing. The things I have seen and been through were unbelievable. The people who died hung themselves, etc, were tragic. a lot due to mental illness. most of the guards are no good “Green Wall” but there are a few that were good. I have heard the same story that you have told over and over, but the prisoners were different. It is sad. the prison system is broken and I have no idea on how to fix it except to start all over and do it differently. I thank my lucky stars I made it. I was lucky but so many are not. I was at Mule Creek from 1994-2010.


  2. Hello,   A few days ago i received a artical regarding  bill SB 260. I accidently deleted the artical and was hoping you would resend it to me. It is a Bill that would effect my son ane was really hoping to read it to him. Thank you for all your hard work.   Virginia


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