Police Shortage in the Golden State?

The famous "black and white" LAPD po...
The famous “black and white” LAPD police cruiser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police forces are shrinking in the majority of California’s large and mid-size cities, while the state’s corrections staff is rapidly expanding, according to a new fact sheet by Barry Krisberg and Susan Marchionna of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law.

Data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows a decline in total police officers in California’s 25 largest cities between 2008 and 2011, from 23,355 to 22,129.  An informal telephone poll found continued declines in 9 out of 11 cities in 2012.

“The losses in numbers of officers on the street are a result of layoffs and cutbacks as well as attrition through retirement or other departures,” the sheet’s authors wrote.

While law enforcement staffing is on the decline in California, the state has steadily increased its budget for corrections, which has seen an increase from 53,688 positions during fiscal year 2011-2012 to a projected 59,736 during fiscal year 2013-2014.

The authors note that FBI data showed an increase in violent, property crime or both, in 2012. However, they caution that “crime rates are affected by a complex set of factors; therefore, their relationship to numbers of police officers is not entirely clear.”

Read the fact sheet HERE.

Via The Crime Report


One thought on “Police Shortage in the Golden State?

  1. I’m really glad I subscribed to this blog, as I’m involved in prison education, it’s cool to be able to keep up with happenings in what needs to happen for prison reform. CA seems to be the worst state to be incarcerated in right now. Has anyone heard about the Guantanamo Bay hunger strikes? Something to check out.


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