Law & Disorder: How the System REALLY Works

This is a MUST see and share folks! From our friends at Beyond Bars, they have  just won the “Media for a Just Society” award which exposes how misleading TV shows are about the justice system.

Share the truth!


Award details can be viewed here:


2 thoughts on “Law & Disorder: How the System REALLY Works

  1. They need to get a hold of the prison union they are the big problem. Underhanded and keep the one that makes their job easier and let out the bad to keep their jobs…I have copied there underhanded move with my husband and sent it all to the BOP and nothing was done they ignored me. My husband was told by BPH hearing he was going home in 2008 hearing. The prison MCSP ignored the release. I copied all there paper work because they didn’t know it was public records.He went to the board 2009,2012 I have the papers but none are on the schedule now been removed. Around 2008 they emptied his file because he had saved lives,turned in weapons save a freeman from being electrocuted kick him loose from the machine hurting himself in the process,saved 32 inmates from a dorm fire,saved a female guard from rape by inmates. I could go on and on but it was all taken out to keep him from getting out.This is a big problem at MCSP.


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