A powerful video….

Sex Offender…the words instill fear, disgust, revulsion; And rightly so in many cases.  Sex Offender is a broad term that is often misapplied ruining the lives of many.  Please, take 10 and watch this video….

I don’t condone or support heinous acts against other human beings, and that goes for everybody. I don’t believe all sex offenders are bad or that all are good. Many need to be held in prison, many need to be carefully monitored, many are just simply young and stupid. Some are pedophiles, not all. This video is part of a project I am doing in school. This topic is one that most people are all to ready to discuss one side of, but tremble at looking into the other side. This is an attempt at opening eyes to a rarely seen side of this story. Constructive comments or questions about the content are welcome and appreciated as this is part of my project. Thank you for watching. ~David Harrison



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