Corporations Reap Billions From Mass Incarceration

8 thoughts on “Corporations Reap Billions From Mass Incarceration

  1. This is a response to the suggestion that we solve the problem of excessive incarceration, and the profit motive of operators of private prisons, by bringing back flogging:

    No, no no. It is bad enough that we put mentally ill people in cages. Now we are going to beat them? People like this simply do not understand who is in prison. The imprisonment rate for murderers, rapists, and similarly truly violent criminals has not changed in about 100 years. What has changed is what we lock people up for. The experiment of punishing people for being ill has failed. The solution isn’t a different kind of punishment. The solution is to start treating, and stop punishing.


  2. Support Caning, Flogging, Whipping or strapping? NO. Absolutely not. I dont care what argument you present or what biblical quotes you use. The idea is beyond assinine. There is enough torture in our prisons. I have no use for checking your website out, sir.


  3. If you want to reduce the amount of money paid to prison companies, then please support judicial corporal punishment, the prison overcrowding cure, a traditional punishment that’s worked everywhere they’ve used it, has never been held cruel & unusual and always found constitutional (with due process protection, of course), This was endorsed by all 4 presidents carved into Mt. Rushmore, Deuteronomy 25:1-3, would help the American economy and is preferred by offenders, who would like to get their punishment over promptly and return to their families, communities, jobs, churches and schools. Let’s face it: incarceration is a failed social experiment for everything except incapacitation. Please check out Incarceration Reform Mega-Site. John Dewar Gleissner


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