#Op Pen Pal

Its that time of year; time that we dread yet anticipate with glee- the holidays are here. Its a time of thanksgiving, reflection and good will to our fellow human beings. Good will to all should be year round but we are all busy with work, school, family and social events. This year, when you are writing out your holiday cards ( yes some of us STILL put pen to paper!!) wont you please take a few moments and remember those in prison? Our political prisoners need to know they are not forgotten. A card, envelope and stamp with some uplifting words and encouragement mean so very much, especially at this time of the year.

#Op Pen Pal has a list of political prisoners that you can write to. Their blog is chock full of information, details and mailing list to make it very easy for you.  So there you have it, Make someones day a little brighter and get a good feels. Just do eeeiiit!!

#OpPenPal on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/OpPenPal

#OpPenPal on WordPress http://oppenpal.wordpress.com/

Mailing List http://oppenpal.wordpress.com/mailing-list/

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