Obama Launches Effort To Get Minority Men Jobs, Avoid Criminal Cycle


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is obtaining commitments from foundations, businesses and community groups to help young minority men improve their employment opportunities and to intervene before some of them get sucked into the criminal justice system.

Obama is launching the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative Thursday, matching his State of the Union pledge to “help more young men of color … stay on track and reach their full potential.”

The president has invited business, foundation and community leaders to the White House Thursday to announce the effort.

The unemployment rate last month for African-American men over the age of 20 was 12 percent, compared with 5.4 percent for white men. Hispanic men over the age of 20 faced an unemployment rate of 8.2 percent.

Obama will also order his administration to examine programs that work and to discard those that do not help improve the lives of minority men…

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4 thoughts on “Obama Launches Effort To Get Minority Men Jobs, Avoid Criminal Cycle

  1. Why only ‘men of color’. We have millions of people, male and female, who need a job, and help to keep them on track, and out of trouble. Osama is either, for the ILLEGALS, or ‘men of color’. When he should be for everyone.


  2. I am really angry that this initiative is for “people of color”. It should be for ALL DISADVANTAGED PEOPLE!! There are white people suffering in this country too. This president makes me believe that he is truly a racist as he has been accused of being. Shame on a president of the United States that would overlook ANY race in the neediest parts of our population!


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