A Comedy of LAPD Errors

Anti Social Media

LOL & HarHar LOL & HarHar

(ed. Thanks to @LAWSICK for the quick photoshoppery!)

Abbott & Costello. Burns & Allen. Martin & Lewis. The Smothers Brothers. Aykroyd & Belushi. Pryor & Wilder. And of course, Laurel & Hardy. When it comes to comedy, polyamory-proselytizers can shut the fuck up about how great open formations are because – at least when it comes to laughs – pairs have got that shit on lock. (Actually, to be fair, comedy troupes are the best of all. But I would say that because I’m for FULL COMMUNISM!)

As it were, however, famous comedy duos were flitting about in my head yesterday after I read Tami Abdollah’s AP report that LAPD Officers Violated Policy in Manhunt Shooting. I wondered: have a new comedic duo emerged in the pairing of Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff & Police Chief Charlie Beck? And, if so, can we call them…

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