Mar. 22: Statewide Conference to End Police Terror in Los Angeles!




CA Statewide Conference to End Police Terror
Saturday, March 22, 10am
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
3300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Map & Directions

Andy’s Youth, leading the struggle in Santa Rosa, 
will have speakers at the Mar. 22 conference!

Join dozens of families affected by police violence from across the state of California and countless organizations that are fighting against police brutality for the Statewide Conference to End Police Terror. The conference is being held on the heels of a growing mass movement from Santa Rosa to Los Angeles to bring killer cops to justice and implement new forms of community control over the police.Click here to RSVP on Facebook!

In the past year these families and their allied organizations descended upon Anaheim from every corner of the state in a massive march to demand justice for all victims of police violence and to commemorate the uprising of the people of Anaheim on July 21, 2012 that sparked a resurgence of the movement against police brutality. These same forces then took to the state capitol on October 22, a national day to end police brutality, to let state officials know that we are building a united movement to shut down police terror and any political force that stands in our way on any level of government.

Then came the explosive movement of Latino youth in Santa Rosa who have fought tirelessly to win justice for Andy Lopez – a 13 year-old boy murdered by racist cops for holding a toy gun. This growing coalition of forces held demonstrations across the state in solidarity with Santa Rosa and continue to show solidarity to this day as the local Santa Rosa Police Department attempts to squash the justice movement by raiding activists homes, pressing false charges, and violently attacking teenagers at protests.

Youth leaders from the Andy Lopez movement in Santa Rosa will be speaking at the conference.

Finally, the movement was rocked by the acquittal of Jay Cicinelli and Mark Ramos, two of the Fullerton 6, who were caught on camera beating Kelly Thomas to death, a mentally ill homeless man that became an international symbol for the police abuse faced by the homeless. The acquittal sparked a wave of demonstrations across the state and illustrated the pressing need to deepen the ongoing conversation on how to defeat police brutality and put a stop to the killing.

The conference will consist of both political and skills oriented workshops designed to facilitate discussion on ways to broaden the impact of the growing movement and will incorporate families and leaders of many different backgrounds and activist struggles who will share their experiences to enhance the efforts of all.

Workshops include:

– Building a united front
– Gentrification and police brutality: an investment for the rich
– Mass incarceration in capitalist America
– Racism at the root: profiling and gang injunctions
– Political repression and how to fight back
– Raids, deportations and the fight against apartheid
– Sexism and the state: police violence is a women’s issue
– Know your rights
– Patrolling the cops – strategies for community control
– Principles for agitation – how to popularize our message

Food will be provided to conference participants and transportation centers are being organized from various locations around the state.

Click here to RSVP on Facebook!

Click here for more info online!

Family endorsements:
Andy Lopez, Ernest Duenez Jr, Richard DeSantis, James Earl Rivera Jr., Kenneth Harding, Rigoberto Arceo, Ignacio Ochoa, Tony Francis, Ismael Lopez, Jason Bitz, Bobby Henning, Joe Whitehouse, Manuel Diaz, Martin Hernandez, Tyler Woods, Jose de la Trinidad, Javier Arrazola, Donte Jordan, Michael Nida, Idriss Stelley

Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD), Young Survivors, Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez, Andy’s Youth, ONYX Organizing Committee, Coalition to End Sheriff Violence, National Brown Berets, Idriss Stelley Foundation, Sleep Kills, Kenneth Harding Foundation, Nidas Rydas, KmB – Pro-People Youth, AF3IRM, Justice for Trayvon Martin – Los Angeles, Worker Student Alliance – UCI, Community Education for Social Action, March Forward!, Party for Socialism and Liberation.

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