Rogue Tow Truck Operator profiting by stealing cars of the poor and Immigrants with Police ok

In the city of El Monte, Ca., Albert’s Towing is illegally towing cars with the EPD ok. How you say? Well Albert’s towing does have a contract with the City and EPD. That contract is only to cover cars parked in the shopping center at the corner of Valley and Ramona boulevard (that houses Smart and Final, Auto Zone and a 99 cents store) when they are at court, avoiding the courthouse parking fee.

Now if Albert’s Towing was doing its job LEGALLY, there would be no issue. But that is not the case. Albert’s Towing is targeting poor people and immigrants who are actually SHOPPING ( and can prove it!!) at stores in the shopping center. Veronica Tomas-Castro and her son Nick have been on site for weeks gathering evidence and filming the stealing of cars. There are many video’s posted on You Tube to verify these claims. Veronica’s son has also been assaulted by one of Albert’s Towing drivers; “It’s the same people who are seizing cars immigrants at checkpoints,” said activist Nicholas Thomas, who says he was assaulted while filming a seizure last week.

Tomas activist Veronica sitting on the hood of a car before being seized.

Activist Veronica Tomas-Castro  sitting on the hood of a car before being seized.  Photo: Isaiah Alvarado / La Opinion

“They are stealing vehicles immigrants, people who do not speak English,” Tomas-Castro claims. Lorenzo Mora claims to be a victim . He relates that on Friday morning he parked  his car there and bought cleaning products in two stores, but when he came out his car was gone. “I thought it had been stolen,” he said. He had to pay $275 to get his car back.  Mora showed receipts to confirm his story. The report of the tow company indicates that the tow occurred at 9:35 am, while Mora’s paid receipts show times of  9:48 am on one and 9:57 am on the other. “What they are doing is wrong,” he claimed.

Concerned citizens are going to City Hall tonight to attend the City Council meeting and bring this issue out into the open and to request  an investigation of Albert’s Towing. 

Story compiled from facebook posts and an article that was posted in La Opinion

For updates, video and commentary as this story unfolds, please follow Veronica Tomas-Castro on facebook 

elmonte                                                                                       courtesy of Greg Silva Photography




6 thoughts on “Rogue Tow Truck Operator profiting by stealing cars of the poor and Immigrants with Police ok

  1. Via Veronica Tomas-Castro:
    KTLA says the City is pointing to the shopping center. Police are saying that they have received NO COMPLAINTS from people who have had their cars towed and had receipts.. and that the EMPD has no idea what’s going on and they are trying to be “filled in” on what’s going on themselves. Uhm.. yeah.. ok. LIES! That “no court parking” sign on CITY PROPERTY does not have Albert’s Towing information.. it has EMPD phone number. Please don’t tell us that customers haven’t called the EMPD number on that sign wondering where there car is, especially if they are legit customers. WE HAVE PD ON CAMERA WITH LORENZO WHO HAD HIS RECEIPTS AND ITEMS IN PARKING LOT! HERE THEY ARE WITH LORENZO.. THEY DID NOTHING TO GET HIS CAR BACK. HERE THEY ARE.. !!!


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