A.T.C. Political Prisoner Support Unit

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This is a platform to raise money to support political prisoners with thier education, books, personal needs and Resources etc, this fund me is to go directly to helping our political prisoners you can donate a dollar and up and i hope to reach this goal thank you Haki Shakur….

I have donated tha 1st donation and now hope that many others will take tha opportunity to help our political prisonerz/freedom fighterz  so that they know that we have not forgotten them and will continue to fight 4 them till all are free. Panther Love

There are over 100 political prisoners in various prisons across the United States. These women and men are listed and recognized as political prisoners by numerous national and international human rights, legal defense and progressive/socialist organizations. These captive activists come from the Civil Rights/Black Power/New African Liberation struggles, the Puerto Rican Independence Movement,

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