California Dept. of Corrections (CDCr) is STILL medically neglecting prisoners…

Yes, you read that right- despite being under Federal Receivership since April 2006, California Department of Corrections is STILL medically neglecting its prisoners. Despite a Federal Class Action lawsuit (Plata v. Schwarzenegger, docket no. 3:01-cv-01351-TEH), which states that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s (CDCR) medical services are inadequate and violate the Eighth Amendment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, filed due to a prisoner a WEEK dying of neglect and no medical treatment- CDCr is allowing prisoners to go with out necessary medical care. 

Here is a little background:

The case was filed on April 5, 2001, and re-filed with an amended complaint on August 20, 2001.  The alleged deficiencies included inadequate medical screening of incoming prisoners; delays in or failure to provide access to medical care, including specialist care; untimely responses to medical emergencies; the interference of custodial staff with the provision of medical care; the failure to recruit and retain sufficient numbers of competent medical staff; disorganized and incomplete medical records; a “lack of quality control procedures, including lack of physician peer review, quality assurance and death reviews”; a lack of protocols to deal with chronic illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis, and HIV; and the failure of the administrative grievance system to provide timely or adequate responses to complaints concerning medical care.  The claims alleged that patients being treated by the CDCR received inadequate medical care that resulted in the deaths of 34 inmate-patients.

The plaintiffs and defendants negotiated a stipulation for injunctive relief, which the court approved by court order on June 13, 2002, requiring defendants to provide “only the minimum level of medical care required under the Eighth Amendment.

However, three years after approving the stipulation as an order of the court, the court conducted an evidentiary hearing that revealed the continued existence of appalling conditions arising from defendants’ failure to provide adequate medical care to California inmates.  As a result, the court ruled in June 2005 and issued an order on October 3, 2005 putting the CDCR’s medical health care delivery system in receivership.  The receivership became effect in April 2006.

Fast forward 8 years…and even though a state of the art prison hospital was built and opened in Stockton, we still have major, deadly serious issues. Here is a  recent editorial via the OC Register:

Editorial: California prison health care is seriously ill

California’s effort to provide medical services in the state prison system has been an abysmal failure. For more than a decade, the state has provided what one federal judge called a system of “at times outright depravity,” with a standard of health service delivery that has failed to pass constitutional muster.

Even with the implementation in 2005-06 of a federal receivership, which works with state corrections officials to reform correctional health service delivery, the system has continued to violate the Eighth Amendment protections of state prison inmates. Clearly, something else needs to be done.

The shoddy performance came to light following a 2001 lawsuit alleging dozens of preventable deaths each year in state prisons directly attributable to negligent health care. With more than 100,000 inmates subject to a medical system in violation of the U.S. Constitution, the California health system is a poor reflection on the state.

Gov. Jerry Brown has repeatedly sought to end the federal receivership and return full control of prison health services to the state. He contends that the state has made significant process. Federal judge Thelton Henderson disgreed, ruling that “evidence of progress does not constitute evidence of [the state’s] own will, capacity, and leadership to maintain a constitutionally adequate system of inmate medical care.”

Just last year, investigators reporting to the federal receiver found that supervision over medical services at Corcoran State Prison was “grossly inadequate and threatens the safety of patients.” This summer, state auditors reported that the state and the federal receiver failed to ensure that dozens of women provided informed consent before undergoing sterilization.

Whatever California is doing just isn’t working. There is too much bureaucracy and too much foot-dragging.

The system isn’t fair to inmates or taxpayers and is a $2 billion failure, with costs rising year after year. Pew Charitable Trusts found that, from 2001-08, the state saw per-inmate health care expenditures grow 84 percent, from $6,426 to $11,793. Clearly, ballooning expenditures haven’t ensured that the system is working.

There are alternatives. In 2012, California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office suggested that the state look at contracting out health care services. Dozens of states contract out a variety of correctional health services. Texas contracted with its state university system to provide inmate medical care. Kansas contracts all medical services with a private company.

The LAO notes that of all models, contracting out through a competitive bidding process, with a clearly defined contract and sets of expectations, yields the best results in terms of service delivery and controlling costs for state governments.

Several counties already do this for medical services in their jails. Santa Cruz County is one of the most recent, contracting out with a private health company with the potential to save millions of dollars while providing patients the same or better level of care.

Violating the Constitution, squandering tax dollars and putting lives at risk is intolerable. California should take seriously the ideas of the LAO and look at what other states are doing to make their prison health systems work.

Now the reason for this post; A very good friend of mine has been detailing for the last week and half on Facebook, her BATTLE to get her elderly husband seen and treated at Solano State Prison. Ken is 67 years old and has a history of medical issues. We all know and understand that aging in prison is not simple nor is it easy. Ken called his wife around September 18th and let he know he was not feeling well and had been not feeling well for a few days. He was seen by a Dr. Rorher  at the prison. Symptoms include serious stomach pains, black stools, dark orange urine, chills, being light headed, fatigue, and muscle weakness. This “Doctor” did nothing for him, no tests, no labs, NOTHING. This “Doctor” also did NOT document any of Ken’s symptoms. He did not write anything in Ken’s medical file. The wife, growing appropriately concerned, emailed CPHCS ( California Prison Health Care Services) and received an email acknowledgment.

From: “CDCR CPHCS CCU Web Inquiry@CDCR” <>
To: Melissa (REDACTED)
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 1:16 PM
Subject: RE: Kenneth (REDACTED) Solano State Prison

The Controlled Correspondence Unit (CCU) processes and distributes email inquiries received by the California Correctional Health Care Services Receivership at  CCU received your email dated September 18, 2014,  at 1:12 pm regarding Mr. Kenneth (REDACTED)
We appreciate your correspondence and carefully review each letter we receive regarding patient-inmate health care. If any of the issues you raised are determined urgent, CCU staff will act on those issues immediately. If it is determined a response is required, please be advised, due to the complexity of certain health care issues and the volume of correspondence CCU receives,  a written reply may take up to 30 business days.
This email address is for outgoing messages only and does not accept incoming email.
If you require additional assistance or information you may contact the
Controlled Correspondence Unit by mail at:
Controlled Correspondence Unit, Building C-3
PO Box 588500
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Or leave a message on the Inmate Health Care Inquiry Hotline at (916) 691-1404.
From: Melissa (REDACTED)
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 12:03 PM
To: Stuart, Sara@CDCR
Subject: Re: Kenneth (REDACTED)  Solano State Prison ( New Information)
Hi Sara,
I think  I know what might be causing this medical situation. About a month or so ago Dr. Rorher changed my husband’s antinflamatory medications Meloxicam and Salsalate to Sulindac 200 mgs which he now has many of  these syptoms that coincide with the serious side effects of Sulindac. With Meloxicam and Salsalte  he had none of these symptoms and they worked just fine  when he gets his prescriptions on time. He generally has to put in to get them refilled 2 to 4 times to get a 10 day supply and he  is out of them for a week or two at a time.. He woud rather take Meloxicam and regular Tylenol  and not Tylenol 3 because he can’t stand in line very long and there is no bench to sit on while waiting and  now that Dr. Roher would not  renew his chrono for no prolong sitting or standing he is going to be in more pain trying to stand, or sit for long periods of time. There might be other reasons for the sympotoms but my husband just called and reminded me he had me look up the side effects to the Sulindac and remembered I named many of his symptoms.
From: “Stuart, Sara@CDCR” <>
To: Melissa (REDACTED)
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 1:37 PM
Subject: RE: Kenneth (REDACTED)  Solano State Prison ( New Information)
Hello Melissa,
It looks like this is being taken care of through our Controlled Correspondence department (the hotline).  I believe they are expecting an update on September 29, 2014 for you.  This does not mean that they are not caring for him based on your email, only that you will get a response on that date either by phone or mail. 
Thank you,
Sara L. Stuart
Administrative Assistant II to
R. Steven Tharratt, MD, MPVM, FACP
Director of Health Care Operations 
Statewide Chief Medical Executive
California Correctional Health Care Services
8280 Longleaf Drive, Bldg D
STE 732
Elk Grove, CA  95758
Here are the Facebook posts ( via copy & paste):
9/18/14 11:15 am My husband age 67 has been having stomach pains complaining he feels like he has glass in his stomach for a few days now, he was seen by Dr. Roar yesterday briefly, nothing was done, no labs, no tests, no nothing. This morning he called and said he had been constipated and his stools are black, dark orange urine, he has chills, weakness, difficulty walking and he is very fatigue. I have made several calls to the prison and spoke to Medical Services who transferred me to the facility Medical Release of Information number to leave a message and they will get back to me within 5 days. Really, dark stools can be internal bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and yet it might take 5 days to speak to someone and who knows how long before he gets medical treatment. Now the fight begins, so tired of having to fight CDCr on everything. Praying for God to intervene here and get my husband some medical help as well as complete healing. I pray the geriatric policies we worked on will be passed and implemented.
9/18/14 9;58pm
No nothing since 8:20 am. They shut the phones off at 9:15 pm. I am very worried. He calls in the morning then about 2 or 3 pm then before 7pm. And when he called this morning he only had a couple of mins because they were doing mandatory yard for an hour and everyone had togo to yard if they weren’t working. He said he felt like he was going to pass out so going to the yard was not a good thing for him but CDCr doesnt care.( Didn’t hear from Ken all day since morning call because he was too weak to get up to walk)
9/19/14 7:56 am  Ken just called he is still not feeling well and still has not been treated. He has had chills and profuse sweating. Has no appetite and says his stomach feels like ground glass. He doesnt sound too well. I am very worried hopefully someone will look into this, get him some medical attention and call me back.
9/19/14 12:48 pm My husband called this morning he is still not feeling well. Then the nurse from the facility called and said; I reviewed his chart and there is nothing in the notes that says anything about that his stomach feels liken ground glass, black stools or dark urine. I told her that is the problem that dr, never documents anything, never treats him for what he went there for but always tries to give him something he did not need or was not the problem and never runs any tests. If the doctor had documented the symptoms then he would have had to acknowledge the symptoms and treat him. Then there would be proof he was not treated for his symptoms. CDCr really angers me ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! —  feeling irritated.
9/24/14 9:04 pm My husband is still feeling ill and I am still fighting good old CDCr for adequate medical attention. Ken and I figured out Monday that he is having serious side effects from Sulindac 200mg anti­ inflammatory as they changed his prescription last month I checked out the side effects and they match his symptoms.
10­/2­/14 3:46 pm Finally got some help for my husband today. I am so tired of CDCr neglecting inmates especially elderly inmates it is elder abuse to withhold medical treatment. Finally, they got the ball rolling today after I had to threaten a lawsuit and filing a complaint with the medical board against the doctor. The analyst from California Correctional Healthcare Services got him a ducat to see someone on Tuesday which was a nurse who said the doctor was finally ordering lab work. He has been sick with all these symptoms of serious side effects from Sulindac Anti­inflammatory which causes internal bleeding and stomach infections for 3 weeks and seen for the 1st time by Dr. Rohrer who gave him Milk of Magnesia for black stools, constipation, dark orange urine and complains of stomach pain feeling like broken glass. He then developed chills,sweats, and so he put in another request to see a doctor and saw the nurse who gave him over the counter cough pills that did not help. I told him Friday to put in another request and put EMERGENCY on it and he seen the nurse again on Tuesday wwho said the doctor put in labs which he had lost 13 pounds in 14 days. The healthcare analyst called Tuesday and said she saw his emergency request and was told labs were going to be taken. She said the symptoms he is having are not being recorded when he is treated in Triage or by the doctor however she saw on his request slips his symptoms. Today after speaking with the assistant administrator forcorrectional healthcare services chief medical executive who said lab work has been ordered and she has been watching the emails back and forth today on his case and they should be doing something today as labs are being ordered and he has an appointment with the doctor on OCTOBER 8th. Meanwhile if he does not receive medical attention and antibiotics and find out what is causing these symptom which he has stopped taking the sulindac 2 weeks ago but the damage is already done and my husband could die from medical neglect. I got a 2nd call today and was told his symptoms were not being logged when he has been seen as there are no records which I told her the EMERGENCY request the analyst read to me and told me this case was an emergency and she read what his request said. So I told the assistant administrator the analysis knew about the symptoms ass it was on the emergency request but not in his medical files and there seems to be a problem with medical staff not documenting patient symptoms or medical issues. So the administrator said this case has went to her supervisor and he should get help immediately according to the emails coming in. Why must I fight for basic medical treatment, he is 67 and with holding medical treatment is Elder Abuse. I am firing off letters to elected officials to bring awareness this is ridiculous and I am supposed tobe resting and recovering from surgery not fighting with CDCr to do their job.
October 2 at 5:19pm   no they are not documenting what the inmate request for medical is, the symptoms, reason for visit does not match the inmate request for medical service slip. If they do not document symptoms they have no record of healthcare concerns and dont have to treat if they have no proof he is having medical issues. Also pharmacy is not giving them the proper medications, they don’t refill what he needs but give him stuff he is no longer taking or does not need. He will have a prescription for 30 days supply but they only give him 10 days supply and it takes 2 or 3 requests to get them refilled if at all. Often they claim his medications were already picked up and he never got them, he refuses to take narcotics because he does not trust CDCr and doesnt want the board to think he might become addicted as he was an alcoholic. But his anti ­inflammatorys and Tylenol as well as his dementia medications, eye drops for glaucoma never get refilled if he does not take the eye drops he can go blind.
October 2 at 5:36pm I went after CDCr on elder abuse last year because they were making him sit for 3 hours in a GED class and he had a chrono for no prolonged sitting or standing he has had for years because he has metal rods in his back due to degenerative disc disease and is in pain all the time, He has Glaucoma and can only read about 5 mins before the pressure behind his eye becomes so agonizing that he gets a migraine and he has mild Dementia NOS, (Not Otherwise Specified) meaning it is not Alzheimer type and they do not know the cause but has some mild memory loss and disorientated at times, has trouble figuring out words he is trying to say or concentrating. So they made him do this GED Class for 18 months which was inflicted pain, suffering and mental suffering upon him. He was in agony every day for what, he is at retirement age and when he gets out he will have his full retirement. California Penal Code SECTION 368­368.5 (b) states; Any person who, under circumstances or conditions likely to produce great bodily harm or death, willfully causes or permits any elder or dependent adult, with knowledge that he or she is an elder or a dependent adult, to suffer, or inflicts thereon unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or having the care or custody of any elder or dependent adult, willfully causes or permits the person or health of the elder or dependent adult to be injured, or willfully causes or permits the elder or dependent adult to be placed  in a situation in which his or her person or health is endangered, is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison for two, three, or four years.So I used the Penal Code against CDCr and sent my letter to 15 people within CDCr, Center for Aging, Governor, my legislative representatives, and prison law office and all three federal judges. My letter was passed down from one person to another and the associate warden personally addressed the issue and took him out of the GED program. Then the captain followed up and told my husband to tell me to call me off. The teacher tried to write him up for not coming to class after that when she knew he was unassigned so I filed a citizen’s complaint against her for elder abuse.  A lawyer friend  told me back then I was onto something.
10­3­14  9:38 am They finally took labs today for my husband, about time. He has now lost 17 pounds in 18 days and he was sweating profusely while getting labs which after arguing with him they took his temperature which was normal by they saw how much he was perspiring. He has to give urine and stool samples over the weekend so hopefully by his drs appointment on the 8th he will know what is going on and hopefully finally get treatment. It took an act of congress to get him those labs, they had him on as an add­on patient at 7am this morning instead of ducatting him for labs. They had better have documented how much weight he has lost because they argued with me yesterday that he weighed the same as he did in March and I told them the nurse was surprised my husband could figure out in his head how much he lost in 14 days and the nurse had to use a calculator and he documented it, so where did that document go, sounds like someone is doctoring records.
10/3/14  2:30 pm I just got back from an appointment with my primary physician and I told him what is happening to my husband and he was floored by all this and sad this is a serious medical emergency and he should have been treated on the first visit to medical services by the doctor as it appears he has internal blessing in his GI tract and there are 44 medical conditions it can be and this can be life threatening. So I googled it and found this
10/3/14  3:09 pm Thanks everyone for all your thoughts, prayers and concerns. It is so sad that they let inmates die from lack of medical services because it does not matter what they have done wrong to get in there at the end of the day they are still someones family member, Mother, Father, son, daughter, husband, wife, sibling, friend, human being, and all are God;s children . I think this is the way CDCr is trying to reduce the prison population by letting inmates suffer and die as they have someone else to take their place. Prisons are big business and they make money off these inmates. The general public has no idea what really goes on because they are fed bs by the media to believe inmates are un deserving of basic medical attention and basic human rights and that they already get the best of care better than what civilians get, they believed they get 3 hots and a cot and that is all they need until it happens to them, We incarcerate more people in the US than any other nation and most of them are incarcerated right here in California where they do not get Gold Standard Medical Care as Governor Brown has stated. Maybe Governor Brown needs to seek medical treatment at the prison as an average inmate and see if prison medical is the Gold Standard Medical Care that he gets as his  Goold a State Employee and Elected Official. Even I have better medical care than my husband and I have Medicare/Medical. My Doctor was disgusted by the medical services provided to inmates. I havesuch a wonderful doctor that he had left the clinic I went to for years and I found out where he was at and went back to see him after a year. I stopped by my old clinic on the way to see him at the new clinic for the very first time and had my medical records transfered to his new clinic which was going to take a couple of weeks to be sent over. He did not have any of my medical records or chart and he still remembered me and asked about my husband as he has had to write notes to verify metal in my ankle and my back injury for a high table chrono so we can sit at a regular table and not at those coffee table size tables, He still remembered my husband and has always treated me and my husband when speaking about him with dignity and compassion.
10/4/14 Today he is feeling a bit better but still  ill, he is drained has no energy but the chills have stopped he has stool samples to give today, tomorrow and Monday then he will see the Doctor Tuesday. A few months ago Ken had a bad sinus infection. He has Asthma and COPD so a Sinus Infection really hits him hard. He was seen  by medical staff including Dr. Rohrer who seen him first  followed by nurses weekly for a month before he was prescribed Antibiotics and he  had to tell them what was wrong with him to get theAmoxicillin the last visit 4 weeks later. He could have died then and this time before they did any  type of treatment.
And this is but one story…folks there is more, much more. As the stories come to me, I will be publishing them here.
Why is it the Governor and CDCr can break the federal lawsuit judgement and not suffer any consequences? You can bet we are going to push for consequences…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

8 thoughts on “California Dept. of Corrections (CDCr) is STILL medically neglecting prisoners…

  1. You MUST have your son sign form 7365 .. AUTHORIZATION OF RELEASE OF PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION.. which gives the medical staff permission to speak to you. if this is not signed by your son they will not call you or give you ANY information. because of Federal HIPPA laws


  2. call state medical hot line so he gets the right meds 916 691 1404 they are over medical and they will get back to you they are watch dogs over the prisons. they where set up by the Feds so call them they will call you back


  3. My son Travis Christian is being held in isolation due to not giving correct meds became delusional, and acted out because of his mental illness it started at mens colony prison,then transferred CHCF in Stockton Calif and has severely deteriorated,to he could not hold conversation with me at my last visit, just mummbled and starred,most of my 2 hour visit, behind glass,he has stopped writing me due to he says Satan only writes for him which states you will die! He is not getting the medication or help that he needs! And being in isolation is just making him completely in sane! I’m trying to reach out any way shape or form before he takes his own Life! Please help me! Sincerely, Kathy Baker


  4. Sleep Deprivation Torture

    I worked in the Mental Health Unit at California Mens Colony State Prison. 80+ Black and Hispanic Pt’s are subjected to severe sleep deprivation in a well regulated Torture center hiding as a medical facility. Sexually assaulted, physically and psychologically harmed, the result is severe disability, sometimes death. All the abusers I saw are White.

    The strangulation and testicular torture of new arrivals at Corcoran State Prison by Officer Roscoe Pondexter and his fellow officers is well documented, as is the, sex abuse, gladiator fights and resulting deaths. Depriving brain cells of oxygen even for short periods causes swelling and brain damage. Effects of Sexual Torture in males and females is well known. I saw these problems in most, if not all, of my patients. Please google “the making of Bonecrusher” for a picture of the conditions from a repentant CDCR guard.

    Sleep deprivation causes illness in and of itself but is not as well known and must be viewed in the context of victims locked in tiny, dark cement deprivation/torture boxes 24 hrs a day. No sun, clock, photos or radio; no heat, mattress or clothing. Continuous pepper gas contamination of all surfaces, cut off from loved ones, no communication to the outside world- mail, phone calls, visitors. Disorientation and hallucinations are seen by day 6.

    Pt’s are woken every 15 min., 24 hrs a day. Kicking the steel door, calling their name and shining an intense light in their eyes is routine. Verbal abuse by staff results in patients kicking the doors, screaming, harming themselves and further preventing sleep by anyone in the unit. Lack of heating, cooling or mattresses hinder sleep as does pepper spraying a sleeping Pt’s genitals.

    Employed in N. Korean internment camps, Guantanimo Bay, Stalin, and WW2 extermination camps, CDCR prisons also use sleep depravation as a weapon. In conjunction with physical abuse, sexual assault, isolation, poisoning and other stressors, it’s an effective, well researched, modern technique. A military tool of war. Designed to be deniable, (no marks), organic brain damage and unimaginable agony ensure severe mental and physical illness results.

    Suicide is common as are eating disorders, hallucinations, violence, permanent loss of impulse control and the ability to concentrate. The younger the victim, the worse the brain damage (prevents frontal brain connectivity) Sadly, CDCR uses sleep deprivation and isolation in pediatric institutions. Survivors, unable to hold a job or participate in society, will require lifelong care, often in a prison, giving CDCR financial incentive. This is particularly harmful to the Black community from which most victims are selected.

    Sociopaths enjoy manipulating human psychology to cause pain and find sleep deprivation an effective tool. For them causing pain is a basic, sexual need. Attempts to cause so much suffering that their victims long for death, are common to sadistic kidnappers like Charles Ng, and Ariel Castro, who also employed sleep deprivation to harm helpless victims. At CDCR badges prevent discovery and rescue. The techniques are the same and I noted several RN’s who really enjoyed inflicting pain and death.

    Reporting the abuse, a violation of CDCR’s “code of silence”, is ineffective and results in retaliation and violence to the reporter as well as their friends and family in the community. Such reports, by staff or inmates, are never truly investigated, empowering perpetrators, resulting in over 800 more prison deaths JUST SINCE SANDRA BLAND’s. Retaliation, using tax money and law enforcement resources, is almost always effective. CDCR, the State Personell Board, Highway Patrol and State Board of Nursing participated in a code of silence violation.

    Physically, patients are forced to live naked in tiny, un-heated cement isolation/deprivation boxes for months and years with no exercise, sunlight or human contact. No “yard time” or excersize 24 hrs a day. Often with no bed, overdosed, medically neglected and forced to use toilet water, disease is intentionally inflicted. Bone and joint damage, soft tissue injury, skin breakdown, etc.. AIDS, hep C, and gastroenteritis spread quickly, deadly violence against nurses guards and fellow prisoners at epidemic levels.

    Sexual abuse caused testicular damage, urethral and rectal bleeding & dysfunction. Communicable diseases, particularly HIV and Hep C, are forced upon rape victims, RN’s in attendance. Manual strangulation and suffocation (often a plastic bag), causes vocal cord, airway and eye trauma. Anoxic brain syndrome is intentionally inflicted. Many, like Sandra Bland, die and are called suicides. Evidence indicates the vast majority are black or Hispanic.

    Psychological harm is predictable and expected. Sleep deprivation, like isolation and the drugs, cause hallucinations. Used concurrently, suicidal/homicidal acts, organic brain damage and severe personality disorders result. Symptoms start from torture onset, lifelong injury often seen in just 6 days! The agony produced by depriving the brain of sleep and stimulation is described by victims, like Ohio kidnap surviver Michelle Knight, hung by chains in a basement, as worse than beatings, rapes and starvation.

    Records kept by CDCR, both medical and legal, are suspect. I found one Officer making up confessions to crimes and lying repeatedly under oath. A CDCR records expert for 30 years, the number of RN’s she disaplined for fallowing the Nurse Practice Act deserves investigation. This routine procedure is used to keep PT abuse secret.

    It is enormously expensive. 15% of Ca’s budget wasted on building more prisons, hiding the torture, treating the injured and paying the salaries and retirements of abusers. Decimation of our firefighting, educational and legal system.

    The effect on Black and Hispanic communities whose fathers, mothers, son’s and daughters is horific. A total distrust of law enforcement. A breakdown of the family unit, financial failure and homelessness. The Black Lives Matter movement is addressing issues that should have ended in the 60’s.

    I have just touched on sleep deprivation. The scientific research is ongoing but sleep labs and research centers all agree on one thing. Sleep is necessary for life. It is a basic Maslo need, like air, water and nutrition. Depriving so many for so long is a Human Rights Violation of astounding proportions. It is a Constitutional violation. When death results, I feel it is murder.


  5. If anyone of you really believe that the inmates are really cared for, I for one do not believe this. Inmates are like cans sitting on a shelf in a warehouse. They are gathering dust, and also making millions one way or another for the state. They are a captive audience, and no one really cares, except families, about their needs, or welfare. They are just sitting getting old and rotting. Let’s not forget that they are humans that have commited crimes. but none the less they are human, but treated like sub-humans. No wonder that they come out of prison, worse than when they went in. If given any care, perhaps their attitude would change, but what can be expected of them. they really don’t have much of a chance after spending years in prison, if by chance they do get released, what then, families are either dead or
    close to it, they are unable to get employment, have no place to go, no money, or anything else. Just a terribly sad situation. Most of the inmates are there because of drugs. wish someone with some brains could come up with a solution, but then again we are talking about millions of dollars that they inmates make for the state by being warehoused.


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