Save Adam Worster

Our mission is to align the drug policy, in Texas and at the federal level, with the standards of our American Medical Association.   The first step in this process is changing the way we think about alcoholics and drug addicts.  The American Medical Association considers alcoholism a disease and supports a classification that includes both physical and mental components.

This being the case we have to look beyond the restricted thinking of those who subscribe to the belief that prison is an option for non-violent drug addicts and alcoholics.  If alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases, why are they criminalized?

Why do our laws turn non-violent alcoholics and drug addicts into career criminals that are subject to the, mostly, unavoidable collisions with prison-rape, physical and emotional torture, and degradation in every way possible?

Did you know that Texas is releasing convicted killers due to overcrowded prisons?

Are you familiar with the story of David Port?   —->

Are you aware that we are handing out 25 year to life prison sentences for habitual DUI offenders (3 or more)?

EVEN if alcoholism was not considered a disease that requires treatment by our medical community, which it is — it is still unthinkable to release violent criminals so that we can incarcerate more alcoholics and drug addicts.

Blood is on our hands, and it is time we recognize that fact.  If our goal is to rehabilitate an alcoholic,  then we need more long-term treatment plans for the mentally ill alcoholic & drug addict, not more prisons….

Over half of the prison population is made up of non-violent alcohol & drug related "offenders"

Here are the facts:

Josh Brent, Dallas Cowboy’s lineman, was charged with intoxication manslaughter in 2012. His attorney’s complained because his bond was $500K. Josh Brent was released on bond within hours of being charged, and is currently on probation.

FAST FORWARD to 2014: He is being reinstated into the NFL, and begins work after week 6.

Allow me to recap, Josh Brent had 17 alcoholic beverages (witness corroborated), drove home, killed a man, paid a fine, got out of jail the same day, and is now returning to the NFL to make millions of dollars and be glorified on our Television sets.

Now let me tell you a story you haven’t heard.

Adam Worster, a friend of mine, was arrested for his 3rd DWI roughly 1 year ago — here in Houston (Montgomery County).  Each offense was non-violent, meaning NOBODY WAS INJURED!!!  The state of Texas gave Adam a plea deal of 40 YEARS IN PRISON!!! He is awaiting trial in Montgomery County and the least amount of prison-time that the judge can grant my friend based on our law is 25 YEARS!!!!

My friend is not a Dallas Cowboy. He’s not a professional athlete. He doesn’t have millions of dollars to throw at a case.  He is also not a killer, like David Port, and there are no media events covering this atrocity.

I’ve got a problem with this, and I aim to do something about it. My friend is facing the rest of his life in prison because he COULD HAVE hurt someone, while Josh Brent is reinstated to making millions of dollars per year after killing a man.



My friend is an alcoholic , not a criminal. Regardless of what you believe with regard to this matter — he needs and wants our help. Alcoholism and drug addiction are NOT CRIMES. You can not, in any convincing manner, lead me to believe that driving a car after drinking beyond the legal limit is cause for capital punishment (because that’s exactly what this is).

My friend is losing his life because of a non-violent incident involving drinking & driving — while the rest of America watches a Josh Brent ( a 2 time drunk driver, who killed a man in the act, violated the terms of his probation by failing 2 drug tests) return to society because he paid off our elected officials.

As I was sitting here watching a bad NFL game today I became overwhelmed with disgust for situation at hand. Why is Josh Brent reinstated to making millions for drinking 17 alcoholic beverages, driving home, and killing a man? Why is my friend facing the rest of his life in prison for the crime called “just not having enough money”?!?!



Please follow this link and SIGN THE PETITION TO REFORM OUR SYSTEM !


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