Jeremy Hammond: I’m an #Anonymous hacker in prison, and I am not a crook. I’m an activist

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Jeremy Hammond Jeremy Hammond

This is a guest post stolen wholesale from the Guardian’s Comment Is Free (which does not pay contributors, so we don’t feel guilty in the least). Jeremy Hammond is currently serving ten years for his part in the Stratfor and other hacks as a part of the Sabu-led Anti-Sec movement. Hammond is a lifelong activist who was first arrested at a demonstration more than ten years ago.  We are liberating this post in the name of The People. And also because not everyone reads The Guardian.

Here in prison, I am asked a lot about hacking and especially about Anonymous, because of course there is interest in new technologies like Bitcoin for money or darknets for fraud. After all, convicts – like hackers – develop their own codes and ethics, and they are constantly finding ways to scam and exploit cracks in the system.

The anti-government…

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