Can We Fix Our Shameful Prisons? Why they should be, and why we might not do so.

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Summary:  The recent attention to police shootings of unarmed men (mostly Black) shouldn’t distract us from the big picture, that police violence is but one part of a mad brutal system. Our criminal justice apparatus is broken. A disgrace for a great nation, easily the worst among the developed nations. It works for those who run it, providing secure jobs at middle class salaries for the police, administrators, attorneys, and others who staff it — and lavish profits for the corporations who provide the equipment and run the prisons. It doesn’t work for America, and hence offers a test for our ability to reform our most dysfunctional systems. If we fail, we’ll know that we are exceptional in at least one sense.


Freedom is almost perfected; just a few more cages.

Can Our Shameful Prisons Be Reformed?

By David Cole
The New York Review of Books, 19 November 2009
Posted with their generous permission


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