Fight Recidivism With Structure


This post is written by Steven Jennings, an inmate currently serving a 43 year prison term for four counts of first degree assault. You can read his blog by clicking on his name above.


During my 21 years of incarceration, I’ve seen a lot of men come and go. And then come back again. And then go. And then come back again! The most I’ve seen one guy come and go, is 5 TIMES! I also see guys get out and do really well. It’s easy to see who will come back and who will stay out.

The guys who go to school, participate in positive programming, and have a structured day, usually are the ones who stay out. But that’s only half of the equation. Because I’ve seen many men with structured programs, who get out

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One thought on “Fight Recidivism With Structure

  1. Hi, I’m from and wanted to thank you for posting this here. One thing I corrected was on Steven’s blog…he had a comma instead of a dot before WordPress…if you have any trouble accessing it, I’ve corrected it on my site.

    Please feel free, folks, to share this through social media…I have some more posts from Steven coming up. I’m a former hardcore GOP’er who is now independent, who after long, hard thought, came to the conclusion that if we’re going to put people back on the streets, we need to prepare them so that they have a chance at success, or ultimately, we’ll pay the price, as will they, again.

    I don’t tolerate crime; I told Steven that the first time I interacted with him, and to his credit, he’s taken responsibility for his actions.

    He also has an interesting e-book on his site. The ninety-nine cents I spent on it, I have to say…it was very candid, and gory in places, but it’s not the Hollywood version of prison…it’s straight from the bowels of prison.

    Best wishes,



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