One injustice that simply won’t end: The saga of Brandon Hein

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Some students of mine from past semesters know that — for a host of personal and other reasons — the mind-boggling injustice of Brandon Hein’s continued imprisonment has concerned me for years.

More information about Brandon’s case can be found here, although the blog is only occasionally updated. Actor Charles Grodin has also devoted significant time and effort  to the cause of undoing this injustice. And William Gazecki’s superb documentary Reckless Indifference is still an excellent introduction to Brandon’s case.

We must never, ever, forget Brandon Hein.

And it is time for Governor Jerry Brown to use his executive powers to end Brandon’s imprisonment.

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2 thoughts on “One injustice that simply won’t end: The saga of Brandon Hein

  1. Thank you so much for posting my piece about Brandon Hein.

    Unfortunately, Brandon is still in prison.

    The only thing mitigating this injustice — for me — is watching this incredible young man and now accomplished artist move forward with his life under horrible circumstances.

    This is probably as a good a place as any to say that I will never forget the precious life of Jimmy Farris, the 16 year-old stabbed to death by someone other than Brandon during the commission of the crime. Brandon remains in prison under the felony murder rule.

    And while I probably don’t have to say it, I would never want anyone to think that my admiration for Brandon and absolute belief that his continued imprisonment is an incredible injustice means that I have overlooked what happened during the commission of that crime and the fact that Brandon was a participant in a horrible event. His judgement was atrocious. I am sure he knows it.

    But if there is a case anywhere that points out the disproportionality of life sentences without parole for someone present when a homicide occurs during the commission of a felony (whether of not they comm fitted the homicide), this is it.

    Brandon deserves immediate release.


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