This is Tori…

This is Tori…..


She died due to the medical neglect of the Lebanon County Correctional Facility….. The recent news paper articles where the Pennsylvania State Police and Robert J Phillips have stated that they did nothing wrong and Tori’s death was determined to be from “natural causes”…… She went into the prison on Friday March 31st…. she was suffering from withdrawal symptoms of heroin…. Tori was normally a VERY healthy, Smart and beautiful young lady. Yes, she made the mistake ( don’t we all make mistakes) of allowing two monsters into her life, the first monster was her boyfriend…. he introduced her to the second monster, drugs.The report said she died of Chronic Drug Use and Anorexia…. resulting in “natural causes”……. there are MANY additional things stated in the report that I can’t talk about…. yet but, I assure you…. this “cloud” Robert Phillips and Lebanon County is worried about is NOT gone….. as a matter of fact…. this is just the beginning…. It’s going to STORM!

How does a young 18 year old girl going through detox die from malnutrition and dehydration while being held in a County Prison, where ALL INMATES are supposed to supervised at all times?? Could they not see she was dying? Truth is, Tori’s heart didn’t stop beating until she was at Lehigh Hospital…. BUT, she WAS BRAIN DEAD IN THE LEBANON COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY…. My belief as well as MANY others believe that this precious young lady was already gone before they tried to drown her with ensure… that’s why it was coming out of her mouth and nose when they tossed her back on the floor of her cell…… Cloud lifted…… I don’t think so….

Timeline: Friday March 27 th placed in Lccfthe suffering begins….

Tuesday March 31st ….. Tori collapses ( Brain dead) in LCCF..

taken to Lebanon Good Samaritan Hospital…. transported to Lehigh Hospital

Wednesday April 1st…..Sunday April 5th….. Tori’s parent’s sadly say, “good-bye”

Bob Phillips: “First I want to express my sympathy, of course, to the family for their loss,” he said. “But at the same time I want to praise our prison staff for assisting in getting her to the hospital and responding as well and as professionally as they did. They’ve been living under somewhat of a cloud awaiting the response from the state police. Hopefully this will give them some vindication for their efforts.

“Hey Bob Phillips..YES LETS PRAISE THE PRISON SYSTEM for getting her to the hospital shall we?! Bottoms UP! Investigation done. Thanks for your sympathy! So glad THEY are not living under a cloud anymore!With all due respect to the family, I hope I got the facts in my post accurate… please correct any mistakes…. also, I hope you don’t mind that I posted this picture of Tori…. but, people need to know the truth about what happened to her…. and so many others in the past…. and prevent it from happening again…

I object only to the boyfriend being referred to as a monster. It’s a very large and significant objection because at one point I was that “monster”. Every drug user is introduced to their drug of choice by another individual. This post asks for us to allow for Tori herself to have made mistakes while condemning the mistakes of another individual. I don’t care who he is or what he’s done I am 100% confident that he didn’t want this for her and he will carry this burden for the rest of his life.

May the Gods grant him peace in this life or the next.

We are all human.

Justice for Victoria “Tori” Herr facebook group:

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2 thoughts on “This is Tori…

  1. This is so sad. Drug addiction is rough for the addict and the families. My condolences to the family. My son too is in prison and I worry every day. I agree it is nice to see the prison’s taking this lady to the hospital but it is a shame they did not act sooner. See my son’s story


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