Well I’m not glad you asked…

Trigger Warning..sensitive topic

Starting From Scratch


**Trigger warnings or whatever**

I spent over a third of my life in prison by the time I was 30. I was heroin and cocaine addict from the ages of 15-26. I was locked up for about 10 years; I got out for the last time when I was 27. I’ve done time in young offender institutions all the way to federal penitentiaries. Not all at one go, mind you, I was more on what they call “the installment plan”: locked up for a few months or a year, then out again for a few months, but usually it was weeks…or days. However, my last term was 9 years for a crime spree which included a bank robbery and a bunch of hold ups and B&E’s. I served 7 years on that sentence. I’ve been clean 9 years, out of prison for 8. At this point you may be wondering…

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