Our Prisons Are Us

The Contrary Perspective

jail Baltimore City Jail (William Hotz/Baltimore Sun)

Peter Van Buren.  Introduction by b. traven.

After decades of politicians enacting repressive and vindictive imprisonment policies like “three strikes” and maximum incarceration for minor drug usage, America has become a nation that proclaims its love of freedom while imprisoning more of its people than many of the most freedom-hating regimes in the world.

Peter Van Buren at wemeantwell.com explores this tragedy that, like our perpetual wars, has created more criminality than civility.  Indeed, for what America wastes on the prison-industrial complex as well as the military-industrial complex, we could rebuild and remake all of our schools while giving every qualified adult a college education.

Our so-called justice system, to include the courts as well as the prisons, is racist (see Peter’s article below for race-based statistics). Our nation’s record of vindictive (rather than rehabilitative) incarceration is shameful. Our politicians may make noises about “justice…

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