New Book: “Unlocked”: Keys To Getting Out & Staying Out

Available now on Amazon: very reasonably priced,  Kindle version $2.99 and paperback $8.00.

The author, Mr. Johnmeyer contacted me and asked if I would be interested in previewing his book on reentry. Of course, I said yes. As a major in criminal justice, with a focus on restorative justice and reentry, I couldn’t say no. I am always looking for current information in my course of study. For a novice author the book is well written and takes a new perspective on the issue of reentry- from a prisoner who has been in and out, and the authors take. The author is a current prison correctional officer. To my knowledge, there are not many  ( if any ) books on reentry  written by a CO. Sage advice and very good tips to getting out and staying out.

Pick up a copy for yourself and send to a loved one inside…order here: Amazon

“Written by veteran prison officer Chance Johnmeyer of New Hampshire, and Florida with contributions from several former inmates, Unlocked: Keys to Getting Out & Staying Out is an honest guide for those re-entering society. Combining compassion, experience, and practical advice, “Unlocked” talks straight about the challenges facing released inmates as they try to reestablish life on the outside. Filled with exercises, real-life suggestions, and a resource guide for Florida inmates, Unlocked is your pocket guide to embracing freedom and starting over–the right way.”




One thought on “New Book: “Unlocked”: Keys To Getting Out & Staying Out

  1. Just Purchased off Amazon, excited to check it out. Me being an ex-con myself am one of the few who made a way out and made a way to stay out! While I was in Prison I spent about 9 months of my time perfecting a business proposal on becoming a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Youth Mentor. Exactly a year out of Prison, against all odds i received all my legal documents and licenses to operate my new small business Sullivan Life Coaching LLC. I now have contracts with 7 school districts in the DFW area where i speak at all their schools Intermediate through High School, 12 individual clients I work with one on one and just currently worked out a deal with a company called Sequel based out of the Kansas Dept. of Corrections. They have over 100 court ordered residential treatment facilities nationwide, In 2 weeks I will begin a journey of going to each facility and hosting a 2-day retreat. I, myself was court ordered to a RTC before violating again and getting sent to prison. So I am very excited to be their for these boys and girls as a peer aspect knowing i have been in their shoes and hope to change their perspective of it being an opportunity rather then punishment.



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