Two Issues that need your attention NOW!

UPDATE 2/9/16: One of PRM’s group members reported -“I called & got Deputy Warden Schiffer (sp). He stated the heating has been fixed & temperatures are 69 to 73 degrees . He can be reached at 717-299-7800& pressing 9.”


Last night I received word that Lancaster County Prison in Pennsylvania had shut the heat off. My source states that this has been an on going issue since December. The temperatures there have been in the 20’s, and this is unacceptable. Especially since over the summer, the prison upgraded their heat system to the tune of $350.000. Promises were made the heat would not be lower than 65 degrees. Broken promises and cruel punishment for the over 975 people currently inside. No extra blankets, folks getting written up if they cover the windows-this is retaliation. Media has been alerted, the phone system was shut down last night preventing anyone from getting through- only able to leave messages and no replies to the many emails that were sent. I ask that we continue to call and send emails- there is power in numbers. We demand they take action and turn the HEAT ON NOW!!

CALL 717-299-7800 and ask that the heat be turned ON! Or you can email Warden Paul Smeal at

Next is the issue at FCI Aliceville in Alabama. From what I have been told, the facility sustained MAJOR damage from the recent tornados there. Laundry, Chow Hall, Education, SHU, Recreation, Administration buildings all have sustained major damage.  Windows & roofs blown out. Perimeter fencing is down. There were 3 housing units A, B & C- C unit is now uninhabitable and A & B bursting at the seams. I was told the damage is irreparable and BOP will be shipping the camp females out.

Of course Federal BOP is quiet about all this…one reason could be security risk. Families need answers and I am asking that people call warden  Washington Ardduci: (205) 373-5000 and ask him to speak out and speak to the families of the women there. They deserve answers NOW!


2 thoughts on “Two Issues that need your attention NOW!

  1. 02/08/16

    Yes it is true, corrections could be fixed like all other governmental nighmares. The issue is they probably won’t be fixed unless American citizens demand that they be fixed. Most of America doesn’t see the scam of warehousing men and women because they did something wrong. There might be up to 100,000 psychopaths or sociopaths. Everyone else needs correction not lifetime supervision. The lawyers and corrections officials and players cost this nation 6-8 Billion dollars each day to warehouse men and women under the threat they are all dangerous and will reoffend. I am more worried about sanctuary cities that house criminals just waiting to break the law, do a little jail time and be released because the cities don’t want to follow the law. Just because the city thinks they can break the law doesn’t make it legal. Our prosecutors and courts need to start prosecuting and convicting the white collar crime and punish these elite people that seem to escape consequences for their actions. This includes POTUS. God knows and will hold us all accountable anyway. Here is God’s Plan.


    As we all know our nation wastes about 6-7 billion dollars every day incarcerating men and women who when eventually released just become the next entitlement recipient unless they are trained to and can qualify for employment. Most employers overlook inmates unless they have specific job skills. Keeping male and female offenders in prison for many years does nothing to rehabilitate the offender but instead makes the person unable to adjust to life in the community. What is needed is for Justice, Corrections, and the Communities to address the problem working together to hold the offender accountable so they can return to the community and become productive again and a use to society. Keeping men and women in prison for decades doesn’t solve anything but drive up the cost of incarceration and makes a lot of judges and public officials wealthy at the expense of the citizens. I propose the following alternatives.

    1. A multifaceted corporation which operates as a non, profit, profit, and profit sharing operation in order to assist former offenders to become productive members of society again.
    2. Each person being considered to be sent to prison would undergo a thorough evaluation, including physical, mental, vocational, along with the PSI before any sentencing. A normal sentence for the majority of crimes would be about 5 years with conditions.
    3. All courts would be required to videotape all proceedings to expedite all appeals. So we can save on court reporters and transcripts. All proceedings would be public record in case of controversial decisions.
    4. Most offenders could complete and inside individual treatment program and be eligible for parole after completing Phase 1 and 2 inside.
    5. Then they could apply to the transitional program called from Prison to Prosperity.
    6. Each candidate selected would be housed at the facility while in the program. Any violations of rules would be considered grounds to return the former inmate to state custody until corrections and the court could decide what to do.
    7. The nonprofit part of the corporation would deal with Religious activities, Treatment within the community, P & P issues, shopping, travel, and other social and educational issues.
    8. Each person accepted would be employed in a variety of profit making enterprises to include but not limited to Vermiculture, Tree, Lawn, and Landscaping Services, Animal Boarding and Grooming, Animal rescue, Farming, Ranching, and other work as the Corporation grows.
    9. Yearly profits would be 50% shared with all of the former criminal participants. The remainder of the profits would be reinvested to help the program grow and prosper.
    10. The Board of directors would review and approve or deny all applicants fairly without discriminating concerning the persons past as long as the person’s past doesn’t interfere in the daily operations of the facility. The focus will be on learning and utilizing job and other skills to become a contributing member of society again without continuing to bring up a person’s past offenses unless they are affecting the person’s performance in their job. Former offenders will be expected to follow all rules of society and of the organization. Because this will be a community program the participants will be held to higher standards in order to become a better person, worker, husband, father, mother, family member, etc. These former inmates will work hard, make wages, pay room and board, for treatment, any community service and will remain under the authority of the court. The real idea behind this will remove the current failure of the MT, and other state and Federal correctional facilities that fail to reform and rehabilitate the majority of people incarcerated.


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