Oklahoma family still waiting for DOC to explain loved ones death

This horrifying story was posted on my Facebook group, Prison Reform Movement. Lawanda Collins shared about her brothers death at the hands of Oklahoma Department of Corrections; the prison is Dick Conner Correctional Facility located in Hominy, Oklahoma.

The family has been searching for answers as to why their loved one died since 2014. Here are her words:

I guess to try to have some type of story put out there on criminal justice law reform. Some may not care due to the fact of it concerns an inmate. But Nov 29th my brother died in D.O.C custody at Dick Conners Correction facility or who knows where because we his family haven’t heard from a warden, medical facility or nothing on his death. What I can say is in Aug 2014 he had a heart attack while working in the kitchen on one of the prison yards. He died for 5 mins in which someone had to resuscitate him. We his family never knew about this first incident as well. During the first incident another inmate called our mother in told her to call the prison because he had heard the facility just left him there to die. And inmates had to come to his aid. He was put in the hospital. He didn’t remember much but told us the Dr. Told him pace marker or your gonna have another heart attack in possibly die. From 2014 til now he had complained about the pace marker and we feel like he never got adequate treatment or enough care to treat someone with such a bad heart condition. A few days before Thanksgiving he called coughing real bad saying he was hurting and couldn’t breathe. Hadn’t heard from him no more. My mom would talk to him almost every day so she called the prison. They told her they couldn’t tell her anything about what was wrong with him but he was in ICU. She felt something wasn’t right and called back and they said oh ma’am he died. Our family is more so hurt that we didn’t get to be with him during his last days, hours or breathes. If he was complaining to us about his heart prior to whatever they did to him why no call to his mother. A next of kin or nothing. I’m just deeply sadden by this mistake they left on our hearts. He was going to get out in March. My mom was waiting on that day to see him alive and walk out of them gates. How can you love a justice system like that. God bless whoever reads this and can understand where I’m coming from.

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma family still waiting for DOC to explain loved ones death

  1. I am very sorry for your loss. I too have a loved one who the department of correction workers at dick connors here in oklahoma let die. They lie and cover up the fact that they not just medical staff but the guards, unite managers, case managers, visiting staff , even the wardens now this inhumane practice is going on. These cover ups must stop! Because whos loved one will it be next? And there will be a next one.


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