How The U.S. Marshals And Bureau Of Prisons Are Trying To Break My Hunger Strike

Imprisoned human rights activist, journalist, and author Martin Gottesfeld wrote this article on the 55th day of his prison hunger strike and submitted it from solitary confinement at Metropolitan Correctional Center New York. He is currently being held without bail on hacking charges brought by controversial Boston U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz and cybercrime chief Adam J. Bookbinder, whose office prosecuted Internet innovator and activist Aaron Swartz, culminating in his suicide. Gottesfeld is accused of knocking Boston Children’s Hospital off the Internet in the defense of abused patient Justina Pelletier. ― Dana Gottesfeld

By Martin Gottesfeld

On the 43rd day of my hunger strike I was told the U.S. Marshalls had ordered my transfer to a facility in New York that was better equipped to handle my medical condition. At that point I had gone about four days without any fluids whatsoever and to make my wishes and refusal to provide medical consent crystal clear, I had written “No IV DNR” on the inside of both my elbows. Hey, if the DOJ wanted to allow notorious federal prosecutor Carmen Ortiz and her lackeys to keep holding me because I tried to protect innocent, learning disabled teenager Justina Pelletier from abuse, torture, and an agonizing death, then I wanted to make sure they were fully committed to backing Ortiz up as she makes a pet toy and total mockery of our justice system yet again. After all, when Justina was suffering, Ortiz’s office couldn’t be bothered to even make a phone call to inquire as to whether her civil and human rights were being upheld (and they weren’t). But I digress, I was not allowed to call my wife before the prison transfer, but I was promised I’d be able to call her upon my arrival.

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