No one likes to ask for help…

especially those of us who have always helped others. But there comes the time that I have to acknowledge I am not in a good place. And that time is now…

My oldest daughter passed July 22nd in a horrible car accident in California and my world was turned upside down. I held it together enough to make all the arrangements, but when I got home, I fell apart.  I was physically sick for over a 2 months. Im trying to deal with grief and anxiety, which has been overwhelming. I was out of work for sometime…I finally was able to reach out to some friends and one was kind enough to set up a Go Fund Me page. I am still trying to pay the remainder of the funeral expenses (over $1400.00) and keep the regular bills paid, which is not going well. Im behind in everything. I despise asking for help, but I have no choice. At this point, even $5.00 helps,  and I realize the holidays are fast approaching and I am truly sorry for asking…I know many are in the same boat as I am.  If you are able to help me,  even sharing or words of encouragement, I would be so grateful. Much love, strength and blessings to all.

For the love of a friend in need


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