Prisons and Jail across the US struggling with heat issues…Take Action!!

Receiving many reports that jails and prisons across the US are having heating issues…with their budgets, this should NOT be an issue. They will allow our incarcerated people to freeze and with the frigid cold and North Eastern Storm moving in, we need to take action NOW.

So far we have reports on the following facilities:

Louisville Metro Corrections temps at 40 degrees.
KY DOC has at least one institution that heating is failing in parts of it–including their visitation room.

Contact Info: Louisville Phone: (502) 574-8477
Elected officer responsible: Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville
(502) 574-2003
Governing body: Louisville Metro Council.

Email click here >> Contact the Mayor’s Office

New Hampshire Department of Corrections
Phone: (603) 271-5600
Public Information Officer, Jeffrey J. Lyons, (603) 271-5602

South Carolina DOC contact info:
Agency Director Bryan P. Stirling 803-896-8555
Executive Assistant Dayne Haile 803-896-8555
Legislative Liaison/Special Assistant
to the Director Dexter Lee 803-896-1731


TN prisons families are taking up a collection for blankets that can be donated. The heat issue is being worked on, so I have heard- we will see how long it takes.

Folks at Riverbend Prison in Nashville are in great need of blankets. The prison is working to get heat restored, but it hasn’t happened yet. Blankets can be donated, and all donations need to be dropped off at City Road Chapel at 701 Gallatin Road South Madison, TN 37115. Blankets need to be simple poly blends, cotton, or wool blend, just no large comforters. Blankets need to be new preferably, or appear new. Please drop off blankets only. All blankets will be inspected by security before handed out. We can take blanket donations through the day and up until 9:00pm tonight. Park in the parking lot and come into the glass double doors. Please share with your folks, we need as many blankets as possible. Again, please do not drop blankets off at the prison, please send all blankets to City Road Chapel.

Florida Detention Center:

Email: MIM/
Phone: 305-577-0010

Lancaster Prison in Pennsylvania again is having heat issues (last year same issue)

Cheryl Steberger
Warden Ph: 717-299-7800

MCI Concord in Massachusetts

(978) 405-6100

Headquarters (508) 422-3300

30 Texas Prisons are also having heat or no heat issues as reported by family members- TDCJ says they are addressing the problem- but we all know they are less than forthcoming with the truth.

(936) 295-6371

Phone: (936) 437-4927 or toll free hotline (844) 476-1289

1/5…more reports are coming in:

FMC Carswell -Woman from Carswell wrote to a friend tonight “Alot of people here sick………………no heat alot of days. Usually no hot water on weekends.”

Phone: 817-782-4000

Heat issues at Five Points Correctional in Romulus NY


Muscogee Jail- extremely cold conditions

Sheriff’s Office 706 – 653 – 4225
Muscogee County Jail 706 – 653 – 4258

Oregon State Penitentiary 

General inquires:

Phone: 503-945-9090

Florida DOC

Main: (850) 488-5021 (Tallahassee)

Supermax (Butner)

Tabor City Correctional Medium Unit 

Lancaster Prison in PA

Please take 15 minutes and make calls and send emails. If anyone knows of any other facilities, please let us know and we will update.




5 thoughts on “Prisons and Jail across the US struggling with heat issues…Take Action!!

  1. The Eastern Regional Jail in Martinsburg, West Virginia has severe heating issues. I have a friend there and another person posted about this in Facebook. Contact me so I can get the screenshot to you!


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