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For far too long, Florida Department of Corrections has gotten away with murder, medical neglect, and other grossly negligent abuses. The Miami Herald has exposed them nationally,  time and again. And yet, while the department claims there has been “sweeping reforms” taking place, those inside and their loved ones tell  much different stories. You would think that after the MURDER of Darren Rainey, who was literally BOILED ALIVE in a rigged, scalding hot shower, Tallahassee and the Feds would take notice and actually step in. Nope…in fact, no one was ever held accountable, no charges ever filed. The family of Mr. Rainey in seeking some form of justice filed a civil rights lawsuit which was just settled.

How can Secretary of Corrections for Florida Julie Jones sit behind her desk and continually co sign the murderous and abusive behavior of the officers she is in charge of? How can FLDLE, Governor Rick Scott and Jones continually turn a blind eye to what is going on in all Florida Prisons? That is the million dollar question and no one seems to have an answer.

Currently there is a work strike dubbed #OperationPush which began on Martin Luther King’s birthday. A peaceful strike by the prisoners with the hope of drawing attention to the issues they are forced to endure on a daily basis. Fight Toxic Prisons (@FightXPrisons on Twitter) has been covering what FLDOC is doing to one prisoner who has chosen to write about the work strike (you can read about it here and here)

Flagrant civil rights abuses and torture are being inflicted upon Kevin “Rashid” Johnson. All because he wrote about the strike…nothing else. In Mr. Johnsons own words,

During early January 2018, my article, “Florida Prisoners Are Laying It Down,” was published online, which discussed the prevalence of enforced slave labor in the Florida Department of Corruption (FDOC), the brutally inhumane conditions under which its prisoners live, and a planned nonviolent protest they were staging in efforts to bring attention and redress to these conditions.

Upon discovering my article online,[i] Barry Reddish, the warden of Florida State Prison (FSP), where I am confined, unleashed swift retaliation against me.

On Jan. 10, 2018, Reddish had his lieutenant, Martin Sanders, fabricate a disciplinary report (DR) against me, claiming my article was “inciting a riot” in the prisons – a facially bogus charge as anyone who reads my article can see, since it contains no language directing or encouraging prisoners to do anything and, furthermore, FDOC prisoners have no access to the internet where it was published.

What obviously incensed FDOC officials was my bearing witness to and publishing their abuses and giving a voice to their victims. Which amounts to nothing but constitutionally protected journalism (Via San Francisco Bay View).

A recent update states Mr. Johnson is OK for now.  FOR NOW. FLDOC’s vile history is concerning to say the least. If Murders in Custody do not get the attention of  the Feds, what will it take?

We need to hyper focus on FLDOC now more than ever. We need to be the voice for those men and women inside who are subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment. If you know of issues going on inside, let us know by leaving comments here or on the Fight Toxic Prisons blog. Not one more human being should be harmed by the FLDOC Thugs!!!

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Other contacts to share information with can be reached at these Twitter handles:

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