Rashid Details FDOC Torture Practices



Time on Ice: Florida Officials Torture Prisoners With Freezing Strip Cells (2018)

By Kevin Rashid Johnson

When I first arrived in the Florida prison system on June 22, 2017, and was thrown in solitary confinement in the latest of numerous retaliatory interstate transfers for publicizing and resisting prison abuses, I questioned and discussed with numerous other prisoners our being forced to live in sweltering cells without air-conditioning, or fans, or any other protections against the severe Florida heat.

Many responded that in Florida Department of corruption (FDOC), officials deliberately use extreme temperatures to torture prisoners, especially targeting those of color and the mentally ill, and that many have died as a result. And it wasn’t just with the heat.

They forecasted that as soon as outside temperatures began to drop, I’d witness—and likely also experience, on account of my propensity to challenge abuses—the constant abuse of strip cells (namely the…

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