Please Help Amber Riley Come Home

 Amber deserves to come home & without this reduction in sentencing she may not make it home in our life time.
Amber has been locked up for 15 long years. She was only 16 when she was arrested. She has been recommended for a Commutation by the prison staff at CCWF. Please help her by asking Gov. Brown to let her come home.She has a perfect record since going to prison. She has earned a GED, and has almost completed a AA degree in Social & Behavioral Studies as well as a Certificate in Business. She is currently helping to train & raise Service Dogs for the Mentally & Physically Disabled through a program called Little Angels Service Dogs. Amber is also a Mentor in the New Youth Diversion Program working with at risk youth-teen age girls to help them make better decisions. Amber would like to continue working with at Risk Youth upon her release. She has at least 10 years to serve before even being considered for parole & the Governor has the ability to change her sentence to what he sees fit. She asks that you please sign this petition of support for a earlier release.  She is aware she is not entitled to anything, she is only asking for a chance to experience life as a free adult.

Read our previous blog posts on Amber here.

Click here to sign her petition.

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