Support Our Prisoners

PRM supports prisoners nationwide with information and research. It is vital for those on the inside to have contact with the outside, especially when abuse is taking place. Please help us to maintain communications with those inside.


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3 thoughts on “Support Our Prisoners

  1. First of all there are too many individuals just Talking and not really doing anything really. When there are those of us that really and truly care about the Issues regarding the Flawed Justice System it appears that there are those that are afraid of putting things in motion. The truth of the matter is that there are those that are serving time in these prisons for crime/crimes that were never really committed and based on Hearsay when it should be based on Actual and Substantial Proof and Evidence not on Assumptions and Fraudulent Tactics. Inmates are working for Pennies while being Bullied, Harassed and Intimidated and treated like Animals instead of Human Beings. The Justice System is Blind to the Truth and the real Facts and very Unbalanced. Those that are in Law Enforcement doesn’t Honor or Respect the System nor are they really and truly Humble to it. They do what they want and when they want to as if they are Honest when in fact they are not. What good is it to have a System in placed if those that are to control it is Violating the Rights of others. Who really can actually Abide By the Laws of the Land and Respect it if those that Controls it does not respect it themselves. As the BIBLE States: DO NOT PUT YOUR TRUST AND FAITH IN MANKIND. Mankind has no real control over the world we live in Today. Look around you they are Destroying the very things that Our Heavenly Father the Almighty Great Creator Bless us all with. I can only imagine how upset and disappointed he is. Does anyone ever think about how he feels about all of this. If it was not for he we wouldn’t even exist. Society should be ashamed of themselves.


  2. There are 2000 inmates under the old law in prison that most have forgotten. they are not given a second chance but the system thinks they should be there for ever. they talk about second chance but they are left behind. They are initialed to have legal representation when our government offer it to the ones coming across the boarder but give nothing to the inmates that are American


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