Some Things To Think About …

I havent posted in awhile here- Facebook and Twitter keep me pretty busy social media-wise. That is where you will find me, 100% of the time. I took a break from school after my daughter passed, and decided to go back with this Summer semester starting April 30th. Life has been busy and overwhelming at times…but  There is a lot going on in our prisons across the nation.

By now most of you have heard of the South Carolina Prison Riot at Lee Correctional Facility. If you havent, you can read up on it here: Steve Horn with Prison Legal News is interviewed by RT.  


The South Carolina Government and media are putting a spin on this riot- blaming cellphones while the fact is the prison administration is really to blame- lack of education, programs, visits, rehabilitation, no incentives create a hostile environment.  They could fix this. And so far, it seems they have been unwilling. The prisoners in South Carolina have literally been begging for help for a very long time. What is it going to take for the South Carolina Government to step up and do the right things? This is your tax dollars being squandered. The prisoners are calling for a national work strike – Please share and lend your support. You can read about it here:

Why Prisoners Are Calling for a Strike After Grizzly Tragedy in SC


Florida prisons are another beast and they are ready to explode too- the difference in FDOC is that the guards wont sit around and do nothing- they will kill you and get away with it. There is no parole in Florida, the programs that are offered are not for all, only some. Visits have been limited now due to contraband coming in- and we all know its not the visitors, but the staff bringing it in-and yet the prisoners and their families are being punished. Again- no real rehabilitation and only more punishment.

Mississippi, Alabama, and Arizona all have medical issues in their prisons. Arizona has contracted Corizon health care services which is a private correctional company. The deaths, neglect and abuse this company is responsible for can be found via Googling “Corizon lawsuits”. Its not about healthcare for this company- its only about the money. Arizona is currently in litigation with Corizon and you can read all about it here:

Those who think Federal prison is a cakewalk…you are mistaken- they are just as bad as our state prisons. Medical neglect is rampant, the compassionate release program is a joke right now, and also no parole. In some BOP prisons, they will not even allow prisoners and loved ones to hold hands, or the prisoner to hold their child.


I look at how Germany & Norway do criminal justice and cant help but think how sick we are. And before I get into a tirade, I will leave you with this:

Approx. 65 million in this country have a felony conviction. Add the families and what have we got? A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!! #ComeTogether

One thought on “Some Things To Think About …

  1. Great article. Private prisons are a scourge!! Please use your votes to get rid of these horrific prisons for profit. I have seen them first hand and believe me for this to go on in a so called “civilized” nation is unforgivable. Contact your lawmakers and President Trump to let them know that you will be following who votes for private prisons in this country. Our federal prisons are bad enough we do not need this barbarism. Please vote and let your representatives know your views.


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