No One To Save South Carolina Department of Corrections 



Lets start with some facts, aprox 6 different institutions in the state of South Carolina experienced prisoners uprisings in the last year, aprox 15 prisoners murdered in same year, Atleast 35 correctional officers assaulted in year, including 88 prisoners assaulted. On Top of all them facts lets add the fact that South Carolina department of corrections is also dealing with the worse staff shortage in the nation.

In panic Mr.Stirling reduced all managemen of prisoners services (ie.,Clothing,Feeding & Housing) to levels that raise question to whether or not they are of a constitutional minimal or even humane.

It is in these three services that have changed dramatically and effected thousands of prisoners in South Carolina for the worse.

Clothing of prisoners:

No longer will indigent prisoners be provided Bo-Bos (tennis shoes) to participate in work or recreational activities,instead prisoners will be provided foam clogs to wear for all- purposes…

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