A Real live Bully inside FDC-Miami’s Female Unit

A Real live Bully  inside FDC-Miami’s Female Unit
never in my 10 yrs. of prison time have i actually had to experience and personally witness the first hand actual harassment, racial slurs, verbal abuse, the demeaning and hurtful put downs no one should have to endure, the intimidation tactics and even physical threats that comes mainly from one individual which most of the 100 inmates have nick named “BULLY”, a name she has rightfully earned and deserves by her own doing.
I am actually one of her MANY victims and yes i say victim as verbal abuse on a daily basis to me is just as bad as physical abuse if not worse…
When there is no where to go or no one who care to try and find that little sliver of peace of mind but to hide in your room and try to tough it out, that makes us ALL victims! Its sad to know that you cant really go to staff because they really don’t care or they don’t do nothing and then it gets worse on you… being that the staff are aware of what is happening in the female unit of A-W and pretty much do nothing, as they even have a sign in the office that has a pair of eyes and it says look for: “troublemakers” and her name (“Bully”) is at the top of the list, she has also had 38 cop outs written on her from inmates as well as being spoke to on numerous occasions by the c/o’s and the unit team and clearly she feels that her behaviors are okay as they allow it to continue.. She has even been put in the shu prior for demeaning a counselor and threw one of her “crutches” up to block his way, if that is NOT enough to get your attention I don’t know what is! She rallies the other African Americans to turn it into a racial issue and has on occasions stated if the whites can do it us blacks can do it too. She call us whites “crackers’ and white bitches”, tells the ” Mexicans” to go back across the border, or this is America go back where you come from… Heck you cant even get a extra piece of chicken cuz she steals them all, you cant watch a t.v. cuz she is watching BOTH of them, and god forbid you want to warm something up in the microwave, cuz she’s making whole meals and she feels entitled so she doesn’t have to wait in line like the rest of us, and no one wants to argue with her or say anything cuz if you do everything is a argument with her or she starts calling you all kinds of names and things… She has even talked about my mother in prison and laughs cuz i cant see my kids cuz I’m so far away and how nice it is that shell be seeing her kids, she’s even went as far as to talk about my medical and mental health issues calling me crazy and stupid bi*** and retard etc…
The last time i reported this i was actually told i would also be placed in the shu if they hear one more word. I’m not really surprised at this as they don’t ever want to actually handle things in this unit, Yet its frustrating as you have a known “bully’ in a closed setting in a jail with 24-7 security yet their answer is to punish or ignore the “victims”! So we just stay quiet put our heads down and try to get thru another day in Miami FDC’s fine establishment…

This came to us from a prisoner dealing with this issue. The update received this morning is that the “BULLY” was finally pulled from the unit and placed in segregation last night, so everyone is relieved-the ladies have some peace…

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