BOOK: On The Outside-Prisoner Re -entry and reintegration

On the Outside is new book on re-entry written by David J. Harding, Jeffrey D. Morenoff, and Jessica J.B. Wise.

The book is based on the re entry of 22 people that shared their experiences of incarceration, re entry and reintegration to society. The group was known as the Michigan Study of Life after Prison. For about 3 three years, they participated in interviews, allowing a close look at their struggles, life, dreams and fears. Personal stories are real life and very truthful as to what people can and do experience once they leave prison. Many things that we take for granted such as finding a place to live and obtaining employment can be daunting and quite the challenge upon release.The book is not a quick read-it has many references and citations, but it is really a close look at the struggles and impediments that returning citizens face. Having a felony conviction on your record is tough and some of the restrictions facing people upon release make reintegration much more difficult and for some can even be a cause to giving up and going back. If you work in the field of reentry, this book is a must. If you know of someone to be released soon, this would make a great resource/gift.

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