Reversed-Curtis Flowers wins appeal at U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court reverses Curtis Flowers’ 2010 conviction, ruling that prosecutors excluded African-Americans from the jury.

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Curtis Flowers’ conviction.

In a 7-2 decision released Friday morning, the court ruled that District Attorney Doug Evans intentionally removed African-Americans during jury selection at Flowers’ 2010 trial, his sixth for the murders of four people at a Mississippi furniture store. READ THE OPINION Flowers v. Mississippi

Though he’s prevailed in his appeal, Flowers will remain incarcerated while he waits to hear if his 23-year-long legal odyssey has finally come to an end or whether he’ll face an unprecedented seventh trial for the murders at Tardy Furniture. The Flowers case was the subject of the second season of the podcast In the Dark. Reporters spent a year in Mississippi investigating the case and uncovered compelling evidence of Flowers’ innocence that helped bring the case to national prominence.

When news of the Supreme Court decision reached Curtis’ father, Archie, at his home in Winona, Mississippi, on Friday, he was thrilled.

About an hour after the decision came down, Archie’s phone buzzed. It was a call from Curtis in Parchman prison. He’d heard about the ruling from his lawyer. Archie’s face broke into a giant smile as he talked to his son. After discussing the news for a few minutes, the two men, who are both gospel singers, dove into a long conversation about music.

“I know he was happy because when I go visit him, he didn’t have no joy like that,” Archie said. “He’s talking loud, talking about singing. … He’s happy.”

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