“Nothing is being done to help me”

“I have been trying to get treated since before 2011, when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 cirrhosis. I’m sure it has gotten worse since then, but nothing is being done to help me.” — Wellington Coppess

Wellington Coppess, who is incarcerated at Santa Rita Prison in Tucson, was diagnosed with hepatitis C a decade ago, while in the Arizona prison system. He has yet to receive treatment, even though the disease progressed to cirrhosis years ago, and he now faces a litany of other life-threatening medical problems.

Meanwhile, Corizon, the for-profit health care company that the Arizona Department of Corrections has contracted with since March 2013, has received millions from the state — $5.1 million over the last year alone — to treat hepatitis C. It’s not clear how much of that money, if any, is spent on treating the disease.

Corizon is now in the final days of that contract, which ends June 30. The state decided in January it would not renew its contract with the company, choosing Centurion LLC as the new provider starting July 1.

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