Its no lie: Meat Executives Plead Guilty to Selling Bad Beef to 32 Prisons

And yet just this week, the Arizona Department of Corrections denies that food labeled “not fit for human consumption” was or is served in state prisons, which contracts with Trinity Services Group. We have heard this for years, have had labels smuggled out, videos and photos. There is just no denial about prison food contracts which are BIG MONEY. Where is the money going? Its not going to feed the prisoners….Read these two articles…aint no one lying but the DOC’s and BOP.

Two meatpacking plant executives pleaded guilty Tuesday to their role in a scheme to sell 800,000 pounds of adulterated meat to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, announced U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox.

According to plea papers, the two men admitted to selling uninspected, misbranded, or adulterated meat–including whole cow hearts labeled as “ground beef”–to 32 prisons in 18 states.

Arizona Prison Food Was Labeled ‘Not for Human Consumption,’ Ex-Inmates Say

Some of the women incarcerated at Arizona’s Perryville prison saw the bright red letters spelling out “not for human consumption” on the sides of cardboard boxes containing chicken. Others remembered seeing the label slapped on packages of lunch meat.

But all of the women recalled seeing the explicit message at some point on parcels of food during their tenures at the prison, about 25 miles west of Phoenix.

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