Slick Con Artist Scamming Prisoners Families: Esteban Rogelio Garcia aka Texas Writ Writer

11/19/2015 UPDATE: evidently the lying scam artist is still in action- received the following message & awaiting reply:

11/17/2015 10:50am

“I have had an encounter with Mr. Esteban Garcia. Wanted to see if we can talk about it. Please let me know asap as it is still in progress. Thank you in advance.”


Received noticed of another victim out of Texas-details to follow…




Esteban Garcia, TWWA ( Texas Writ Writers Association)  & MWWA  (Missouri Writ Writers Association) update time. My spies tell me that this lying scumbag con artist has opened up the Missouri Writ Writers again, 10 yrs after closing the MWWA doors. Thinking the heat in TX must’ve gotten too hot for him. Time to call the MO agencies folks & give them a heads up!!

This facebook page had been inactive for months- suddenly it is active again…BEWARE people- do not give this man your money or your loved ones case files!!!

The Missouri Writ Writer’s Association is part of a nation-wide non-profit legal aid organization which devoted to helping wrongly convicted individuals.



There is another Esteban Garcia victim.  She’s in Jacksonville, FL. Seems that’s the scumbag’s latest target state.

Via my informant:

“The last I heard, well, the 2 latest reports from my spies in Ft. Worth were this….
1st…. he was living in the warehouse for Aquatech & had closed the doors to the TWWA at 2401 Scott Ave.
2nd…. he had moved into a hotel & had fired all of the employees of the TWWA except for Phil Ramirez.
His latest victim unfriended him on FB & within minutes he sent her another friend request followed by a phone call promising her results. Saying how he’d been so very tied up filing court documents etc., all BS we know that.”

yet another caution- do NOT send this man any of your loved ones documents and money- most of all STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS GUY….HE IS A FRAUD WHO WILL TAKE YOU FOR ONE HELLUVA RIDE…..



Esteban has closed the doors & emptied everything out of the office located at 2401 Scott Avenue, Ft. Worth, TX. His wife has thrown him out & he is living in the warehouse where he has his other “scam”… Aquatech. He’s moved the TWWA into this warehouse as well & from my sources – who are very well aware of his every move – things are in complete disarray. Nothing new for Esteban, no organization with him whatsoever. His downward spiral has begun!!!

I admit, I am a Facebook addict. I have made many important connections there as well as good friends. It’s an interesting place with lots of stuff going on all the time.  Many activists and advocates supporting various causes use facebook. Regardless of privacy issues, facebook is one of the hot  places to share information, garner support and have fun. Today I came across a very serious post. One of my friends who is also active in prison reform stated she had been scammed- actually robbed of $8,000. The man she trusted to HELP her and her husband turned out to be a fraud. After much investigating what she discovered  is more than alarming. I am going to post her findings here. Its all about truth and anyone that knows me, knows I will expose the fraudsters that prey on others. I absolutely despise people that target and take  advantage of others.

It seems that prisoners and their families are easy targets. After dealing with the criminal justice system, they are vulnerable, dismayed, confused, hurt and angry. They need and want help. Most they are desperate. Its not easy having a loved one locked up. The families are treated like criminals,  simply because of their association to a prisoner. When they seek help and reach out, it is usually a very serious issue that must be addressed immediately and properly. Its a damn shame when a scammer enters the picture and begins the routine- it starts with many promises and ends only with the family in more pain, and much money lost. Esteban Rogelio Garcia is is a predator. Using the name of  “Texas Writ Writers Association” one would think he is totally above board. Using Christianity and God is one of his hooks. After all, a man purporting strong faith would never harm others, right?

Esteban Rogelio Garcia

Esteban Rogelio Garcia ID: 20045684
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
Weight: 180 lb (82 kg)
DOB: 9/10/1951
Address: 1900 B Reece St
City: Bryan
State: Texas
Zip: 77803
Attorney: Gustitis, Stephen (Bar # 08634600)
Filed on: 4/26/1995
Crime Name: 02/28/94-CRIMINAL NONSUPPORT
Crime Type: Misdemeanor A
Current Status: Disposed

The original post from facebook today:

( I have redacted the name of the person who sent this to me)

URGENT!!! For most all of my FB friends, we are all dealing with a loved one incarcerated & we are all desperately trying to help that loved one. I am begging you, please, do yourself a huge favor, before you decide to “hire” ESTEBAN GARCIA OR THE TEXAS WRIT WRITERS out of Ft. Worth, TX, PLEASE…. do your due diligence! Spend the money & get a criminal history report on this man!! I can tell you that he is indeed a scam artist – the best I’ve ever come across. His history includes numerous charges & convictions of fraud, identity theft, bad checks, weapons charges just to name a few, from 1974 through 2009. He has highjacked the life story of Fred Cruz & is passing it off as his own. Not one person on his “staff” has any legal credentials whatsoever & Dawn Rhoden his former Assistant DA was Disbarred by the State of  TX. Victims in the State of Tennessee alone have lost over $20,000. to this man all of which went directly into this man’s pocket! The Missouri Writ Writers closed their doors in 2004 except for on his bank account. There are NO cases him, the TWWA or the MWWA have overturned, no Writs EVER filed!! Again, take the time & do your homework prior to getting involved with this man & bogus operation!!! Right now we know there are current victims in TX, MO, TN, FL, CT, IL, CA & IA & I am afraid there are more states that we don’t even know about. There are numerous State, Local & Federal Agencies involved who have verified this man is running a scam so if you chose to not believe me, call any one of them & check for yourself!!

The following is a private message to me- my notes are in black

Just got in from visit with my husband & saw your repost of my original about Esteban. I’d be happy to share my 65 page background check of him with you however it’s file is too massive to download via FB. If you’d like me to send it to you, send me your actual email address & I will be more than happy to email it to you! ( I did receive a large PDF file and I can’t figure out how to load it here).
This man is a con all the way but at the same time very slick Carol, a lifelong career criminal. He’s never had anything, not even a home, vehicle, etc. in his name. That motorhome he’s living in now is in his wife’s name. He’s highjacked the story of Fred Cruz & is passing it off as his own…. will send you that link as well. (about being the 1st Mexican in TX to overturn a fellow inmate’s murder conviction, true story but not Esteban’s) Will send you several links…..
Sorry to bombard you with all of these but I want you to have documents to back up your claims! There is one lady who refuses to believe even though I have shared all of this & then some with her, (redacted). She has spoken to no less than 7 or 8 of us who have all been taken by this scumbag for thousands of dollars & yet she still refuses to believe & accuses all of us of “bashing” him. My husband & I alone lost $8,000. to him Carol. We were one of the lucky ones in that I did get my husband’s 81 1/2 lbs worth of legal files BACK from him thanks to a previous employee of his! However there are other victims here in TN who he is refusing to release their files & we have had to file theft charges on him for these legal files! It’s a nightmare trust me. What he’s done to us just here in TN, he’s taken 7 inmates & their families & over $20,000. just in TN. Carol, that report I just emailed you only spans from 1995 through 2009… there are even more from the early 70’s up until 1995…
Yes, you feel free to spread the word any way possible! We have the documentation to back up every single thing we are saying! He had our legal files for just shy of 8 months & when I got them back not one file with the exception of the Technical Records had even been touched!! Yet they were working hard on his case all that time with “8 paralegals” pursuing it daily!!! WRONG! Besides that not one employee in that office has any legal credentials whatsoever! He posted in Dec. how they hired former DA Dawn Rhoden & how lucky they were to have her – how she was just tired of working for the bad guys & now wanted to help the good guys – all for $10.00 an hour. How lucky they were! You know why? Because she’s been disbarred by the state of TX that’s why!

There is no trace whatsoever of ANY case that him, the TWWA or the MWWA has ever overturned let alone 120+ that he claims. Not a name, case number, nothing & he won’t give you any info on them either! Not a letter of reference you can verifty either.

We’ve reported him & the TWWA (which has only been in operation since last year) to the TX Bar Assoc., the TX UPL (Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee), the FW P.D., the Dallas FBI office, the TN FBI office in Knoxville & the TN DOC Law Enforcement office.

This week I file withthe TBI (TN Bureau Invest.). He’ll never set foot back in another TN prison I do know that & if he tries, their going to “let” him & then when he shows up they’ll arrest him on the spot. This scumbag has most definitely slipped through the cracks of the justice system Carol!The judgement from the Brazos County Atty. General is for $73K & I spoke to them last week. They had his last known address listed as Beatrice, NE. I gave them his TX address & they were thrilled. Not sure if they will pick him up & place him under arrest & take him to jail or not. In TN he’d go directly to jail, do not pass go & no collecting $200. – no get out of jail free card….. He owes it for child support he failed to pay. He claims he BEAT the lawsuit!! According to the Atty General when I spoke to them man the other day, Mr. Garcia did NOT win the case & does owe the money!!

The MWWA closed their doors in 2004 yet the bank account is in his name & the MWWA, not the TWWA…. a little odd if you ask me for a business that no longer exists! I have cancelled checks to show the “for deposit only” stamp on the bank of each if anyone doubts this! 

(Note:  I searched for TWAA on the IRS website for tax exempt organizations-I did not find Texas Writ Writers Association listed)

Esteban’s got at least 6 or 7 aliases!!! The one he uses the most is Steve Ray Garcia.

The FBI  verified that he’s obviously a con artist, nothing legit about him anywhere – said he knows the system & how he knows how to ride that fine line between legal/illegal type thing. He has his “contracts” for the TWWA written so that they state he’s doing the work “free of charge/pro bono” then the “donation” receipts are just that, donations. I can back up all of this with the documents!

Since the original post, a few more people have come to me and confirmed this guy is bad news. I share this with you because we all need to know. Those of us who have loved ones in the system are victims. Victims of the cruel and inhumane ‘justice system’. We must stand up and fight back, especially against predators like Esteban Rogelio Garcia. If you ever thought of doing business with him or TWWA, you had better think twice and walk away now. I absolutely believe this guy is a fraud and has only caused more pain and suffering. I have studied the links sent  to me, the pdf file, and the person who sent me the private message above is a stand up, reliable individual.

If you have contracted Esteban Rogelio Garcia aka Texas Writ Writers Association  to do any legal work for you on behalf of a loved one, please contact me via the comments section.

Links sent to me:

Esteban Arrest Records

Esteban Arrest Records 2

writwriters ( Twitter)


We are a non-profit legal aid organization who assists U.S. prisoners illegally convicted of any crime.

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7 thoughts on “Slick Con Artist Scamming Prisoners Families: Esteban Rogelio Garcia aka Texas Writ Writer

  1. well Bill Windsor is in a world of trouble himself and I doubt he would use Esteban for any of his legal woes. I cannot believe that Bill didnt know about him…I am the same person you have contacted on facebook, btw.


  2. This man needs to be put away for life as he is truly a moron and he should be ashamed of himself. Karma is a bitch. We had an experience with this devil and what a con artist is right. Tried to clean us out and lied and conned until he was caught onto and kicked out. He is a bad man, stay away from him. I got his name from Bill Windsor of Lawless America. You see his true colors if you give it about a week or two being in his presence. As my dad says, “I bought him cheap”. He should be shot on sight. Please contact me.


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